Introducing Lacey: 25-year-old dancer who’s ready for drama on Love Island

‘I am bringing all my confidence, all my chat and I might do the splits occasionally to get some attention’

Just when you thought you’d recovered from Casa Amor and movie night drama, the Love Island producers have slapped four new bombshells into the villa. Two Islanders are being dumped tonight, and they will quickly have newbies jump into their beds before they’ve even gone cold. One of the people heading into the Love Island villa is Lacey.

She’s a dancer, and it definitely sounds like this career has given her the confidence she needs to cause a stir on the show. “I am a sexy, single, show girl ready to turn some heads,” are her very own words. So, let’s get straight to it, here is everything you need to know about new Love Island 2022 gal, Lacey.

Lacey Edwards, new Love Island 2022 bombshell

Lacey in her Love Island 2022 promo shoot

Love Island bombshell Lacey is 25 and from Swindon

Lacey Edwards is 25, and from Swindon. When asked why Love Island, Lacey said: “I am really ready to meet someone and my friends were like why haven’t you applied for Love Island before you’re literally perfect for it.” Sure!

She’s a professional dancer, like we don’t have enough of those in the villa already!

Lacey Edwards, new Love Island 2022 bombshell

via Instagram @layedwards

Watch out Tasha and Danica, there’s another dancer coming into the villa. Lacey works as a dancer, and has been dancing all over the world since she was 18. She moved to France aged 18, and has recently finished all of her dance contracts there.

But, her busy lifestyle has affected her love life in the past, with Lacey saying she’s been “so busy dancing all over the world, I go out in London a lot but I can never date because I am always back in France the next morning.”

Lacey says she will bring confidence and chat to the Love Island villa

“Being a dancer you always have to fight for the role, or fight for the job and you have to believe in yourself, you need confidence,” Lacey said. “I am literally just going to bring all of that into the villa. I am bringing all my confidence, all my chat and I might do the splits occasionally to get some attention.” Sounds… interesting?

“I am definitely competitive, probably too much even at mini golf,” she added. “I’ve grown up at auditions with a thousand girls competing for five places and if you don’t want it and you’re not competitive, there’s no point showing up. I feel like it’s the same with guys within this context, we’ve all gone in to find someone and just because I am coming in later does not mean that I am not going to give it my all. There’s no problem with stepping on toes, I am a dancer, I can avoid them…”

via Instagram @layedwards

‘I have a heart of gold’

When asked what makes her a good girlfriend, Lacey said she has a heart of gold. “I am really caring, my love language is acts of service, I like to do things for people and vice versa. I am a really positive person, I always see the glass half full so I always give that to my partner.”

She said her friends and family would describe her as “funny, bubbly, positive” adding she likes to “bring people up” and “make people feel good about themselves.”

What gives Lacey the ick? A lot, it seems

During her preview chat with ITV before the show, Lacey was asked what gives her the ick. “If someone doesn’t have a sense of humour, if someone doesn’t like dogs,” began her pretty long list. “If someone is rude to waiters, I just think who do you think you are and also people that don’t like music, I really like music.”

Lacey Edwards, new Love Island 2022 bombshell

via Instagram @layedwards

Ahead of Love Island, Lacey has 4k Instagram followers

Ahead of joining the Love Island 2022 cast, Lacey has just over 4k Instagram followers. He feed is a lot of selfies, and her out for wine and drinks (iconic). She also shares loads of pictures from her work as a dancer. Lacey’s handle is @layedwards.

Love Island 2022 continues on ITV2 at 9pm tonight. For all the latest Love Island news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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