‘I shoot, I usually score’: Footballer Jamie seems *hopeful* as Love Island bombshell

He knows Michael from Love Island 2019, which probably isn’t a good sign

If you’re looking to fill the viewers with confidence that you’re about to be a bombshell to remember, saying “I shoot, I usually score” is probably not what to do. But here we are, with the latest Love Island 2022 addition, pro-footballer Jamie.

Despite his opening line not filling me with bags of confidence about what he’s going to be like, Jamie is one of four bombshells who are heading into the villa right now. So, it’s all about to heat up. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

Jamie Allen, new Love Island 2022 bombshell

Jamie in his Love Island 2022 promo shoot

27-year-old Jamie is joining Love Island because he’s ready to fall in love

New Love Island bombshell Jamie Allen is 27 and from Preston. It seems as though he’s entered the show with the right intentions, because he said: “Now I am 27, I want to find someone, have a genuine connection and fall in love so Love Island is the perfect place for me to find that.”

He said he had his first girlfriend aged 18, but that was in his party stage in life. He’s now “got that out the system” and is ready to settle down.

Jamie Allen, new Love Island 2022 bombshell

via Instagram @jamie_allen12

He’s a pro footballer

We get at least one every year, and this year Jamie is the footballer entering the villa. He says being a footballer has “absolutely” made him a competitive person, and he’ll use this on the show. “I play football every single day and in terms of stepping on people’s toes we are all in there for the same reason so I wouldn’t have a problem upsetting a few people,” he said. “I am coming in a bit later so I probably will upset a few lads but you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Jamie says he is confident and loyal, and brings good vibes

via Instagram @jamie_allen12

When asked what he’s going to bring to the Love Island villa, Jamie said: “I am just going to be myself, good vibes, good energy, get along with anyone, the boys, the girls but the main objective is to find someone so I am just going to be myself in the villa.”

He believes he makes a good boyfriend because he’s loyal, and added: “I’ve only ever had two girlfriends but when I am fully committed I am completely loyal. I am a confident lad, not arrogant. I am also very trustworthy when I am in a relationship.” He actually said loyal twice in that sentence, but let’s wait and see if he’s Georgia Steel 2.0.

“My friends would say I am the one that gets all the girls, my family would say I am confident, funny and easy to get along with,” Reece said.

Jamie has photos of him on Instagram hanging out with Love Island 2019’s Michael, so make of that what you will

Jamie Allen, new Love Island 2022 bombshell

via Instagram @jamie_allen12

So, Jamie has pictures of him on a night out with Michael Griffiths from Love Island 2019. All of I have to say about that is that from now onwards, we tread with caution. We all know what Michael was like in the villa. Jamie has just over 7k followers, and his other posts show him playing football and on party holidays in places such as Dubai and Ibiza. His handle is @jamie_allen12.

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