Meet Reece: The 23-year-old model who is one of four bombshells entering Love Island

Inject the drama!

We’re in for a big one tonight, as not one but FOUR bombshells are entering the Love Island villa – one of which being a model called Reece.

The Love Island 2022 final is drawing closer, so the drama is getting incredibly intense. This set of bombshells will have a last attempt at turning heads and coupling up before the show concludes, so let’s just say, they’ll probably be pretty ruthless. Just as he’s about to enter the famous villa, here’s what you need to know about Reece.

Reece Ford, new Love Island 2022 bombshell

Reece in his official Love Island promo pic

New Love Island bombshell Reece is 23 and from Coventry

Reece Ford is 23 and from Coventry. When asked why he wants to be on Love Island, Reece said: “I am mature enough now. I was a bit of a ‘Jack the lad’ and a player but now I feel like I am more mature and ready to find love.”

He works as a model and is the body double for a *very* famous footballer

via Instagram @_reeceford

Reece works as a model, and says himself he is the typical tall, dark and handsome package. And a claim to fame from his work? Reece is Kylian Mbappé’s official body double. “He’s one of the most famous footballers in the world right now,” Reece said.

Reece also used to be a professional footballer, and has said this has made him quite a competitive person. “I am naturally a competitive person, I used to be a professional footballer so I am used to having lots of competition,” he said. “I feel like I am quite confident so I wouldn’t care about stepping on anyone’s toes that doesn’t really bother me. I am going in there to find love so that’s all a part of it really.”

Reece thinks he’ll bring ‘good looks and good chat’ to the Love Island villa

Reece clearly thinks he’s the full package, saying he will bring “good looks and good chat to match” to the Love Island villa. He added that his friends would describe him as “trouble, funny, cheeky, charming.”

Reece Ford, new Love Island 2022 bombshell

via Instagram @_reeceford

He’s never had a girlfriend, and says he’s really fussy

Reece has never been in a relationship before, but said “I know how to make a girl feel special with little or big gestures.”

“I just haven’t found the right one to be honest, I’ve got very high standards,” he said. “I am the fussiest person ever when it comes to girls.” He added that when it comes to impressing someone, “it’s in the eyes, It’s the eye contact for me, I kind of know straight away from the eye contact.”

Reece has 7k followers on Instagram

Right now, Reece has just over 7k followers on Instagram, which will definitely rise when he steps foot in the Love Island villa. His posts are a range of modelling pictures, topless selfies and some pictures from his football days. His handle is @_reeceford.

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