Love Island Gossip Column: Bombshell already knows THREE Islanders and Ikenna’s moved on!

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Ikenna has sparked romance rumours with someone new

Ikenna was dumped from Love Island 2022 pretty early on, but fear not, because he’s sparked romance rumours with someone new already! He’s been spotted leaving an ITV party with TOWIE star Dani Imbert, and yep, they are arm-in-arm.

Coco is heading back to her day job!

via Instagram @coco_lodge

She may have literally only just left the villa, but Coco has said she’s “skint” and needs to go back to her day job. Fair. Speaking on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast, Coco has said she will look out for new opportunities after Love Island, but is already heading back to one of the jobs she had before Love Island, a shot girl. “I’m actually going to go back to shot girling next week,” she said. She said she does it through an agency, but will most likely be working at a student nightclub, watch out for her!

One of the new bombshells already knows THREE Islanders

via Instagram @jamie_allen12

Honestly, the producers like to keep their circle small, because new bombshell Jamie knows three ex-Islanders. A source told The Sun: “Jamie knows Michael Griffiths socially, and he has mutual friends with Aaron Simpson and Dennon Lewis who’ve both been on the show – Aaron and Jamie played at Dover but during separate seasons, and Dennon played in the same league a few years back so that’s their connection. They definitely would have spoken about going on the show and how to play it.”

He also faces a huge fine for leaving his football club, lol

Jamie is a professional footballer, and it’s been said that his arrival into the villa might not go down that well at work. A source told The Sun: “He’ll be fined for missing pre-season training if the club keeps him on – it’ll be a huge fine too.” Yikes.

via ITV

A ‘friend’ has said Jamie is desperate for fame

It’s really not a great day to be Jamie, because now his friends have come out the woodwork and slated him. According to one of his “pals” he’s a “huge player” and “desperate for fame”.

They told The Sun: “Jamie’s been single for ages but always has a girl on the go – he’s a bit of a player like that. He’s not looking to fall in love – everyone thinks he just wants to be famous and be on TV. Nobody can understand why he’s ditched his football career to go into a show that’s only got two weeks left to run.”

Fans are convinced Luca is only the show for the £50k and… I see it

via ITV

Twitter has gone wild, convinced Luca is only on the show to get to the final and win the money. In what could have been a really cute conversation, Luca and Gemma were discussing their phone screen backgrounds, and Luca said he’d like to get a photo of them together for his, and that it would “preferably be from the last night”. Twitter has taken this as him assuming he’ll be in the final.

Luca’s sister has quit social media following trolling

Luca’s sister Claudia, who has been running his accounts whilst he’s in the villa, has said she’s quitting social media amid the backlash he’s been getting online. Sharing a screenshot of one message, which said they hoped Luca would be shot when he left the villa, Claudia said she is “taking a breather”.

via Instagram

In a different Q&A, someone asked how Claudia and her family were, to which she replied: “If I’m being honest, not remotely OK. It’s really hard. How would you feel if you were having people constantly praying for death for the people you love over more than anything in the world?

“We feel broken. I understand that people will always have their opinions, but if you saw HALF of the messages we have received then I’m sure anyone would feel disgusted.”

Josh has said Danica gave him the ick

Josh, who recently left the villa, had been accused of using Danica as a ticket into the main villa, but now he’s said it didn’t work out between them because she gave him the ick. Speaking on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast, he denied using her, and said: “I didn’t get bored, but I felt like I was clashing a little bit, and I was getting the ick a little bit. Nothing bad, just certain bits… listen, she’s a beautiful girl.”

The bombshells go on dates tonight, and Nathalia kisses THREE people

via ITV

And in the sneak peek section of the gossip column today, tonight the four new Islanders go on some dates. Lacey receives a text inviting her and the other new bombshells to each select an Islander of their choice to go on a date with. Lacey says: “Deji, would you like to come on a date and maybe make me laugh again?” as Nathalia chooses Adam and Jamie picks Danica. As Reece chooses Ekin-Su, Deji says: “You’ve got balls my boy.” As they leave the villa for their dates, Davide says: “I am calm and chill… I don’t see competition.”

What will be said on the dates? And will they spark new connections?

Also in the show, the Islanders play truth or dare, and Nathalia is also dared to kiss not one, but three of the Islanders she fancies the most. Which boys will she choose and what will the others make of her choices?

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