Stranger Things deaths ranked on a scale from unnecessary to nobody asked for this

You’re kidding yourself if you think Barb was 100 per cent unnecessary

Stranger Things Volume two has been out for a while now and it came with drama, romance and, of course, an unnecessary death of a beloved character. It’s starting to become a trend now. I would put money on Will dying in the last season. But what is the most unnecessary death of all? We’ve lost some really loveable characters over the seasons so here they all are, ranked on a scale of unnecessary to straight up no one needed this.

8. Barbara Holland

Poor Barb, she died single and alone. In the most literal sense possible.

Unnecessarily cruel? Yes. Necessary for the plot? Yes. Four seasons later, we are given a link back to beloved Barb. Are we given a reason as to why Vecna chose to kill her and how exactly that fits in with the wider themes of the show? Not really. But at least Nancy finally got an answer after years of trauma.

Giving it an ‘at least Nancy got to get with Steve out of it’ out of 10.

7. Mews The Cat

A criminally overlooked death. If Dustin got his shit together for more than 5 seconds in Season 2, things probably would have gone a lot smoother, and Mews would have loved to see Hawkins torn to pieces by Vecna. But then again, we may not have gotten the bromance between Dustin and Steve, which was incredibly necessary.

For the sake of Dusty’s mother, it’s getting a ‘literally any other animal would have been fine’ out of 10.

6. Fred Benson

We all need a friend like Fred – in his defence, he tried to talk Nancy out of all the stupid things she was doing, including defending Jonathan and pointing out how bad it was to go to the trailer park, yet he was still punished for it.

However, Nancy really didn’t need a new load of new best friend-has-just-died trauma so this one’s getting a ‘please give Nancy a rest’ out of 10. I mean honestly, the only other character who comes close to dealing with a similar level of trauma as Will.

5. Bob Mewby

Bob as a character was a lot like his name: generic, likeable and plain. The OG character of “we’re going to introduce this lovely man and then kill him off because we can’t afford to kill off Winona Ryder or any of the adorable kiddies or indeed our resident DILF Hopper”.

Bob’s pep talks with Will in the car did absolutely nothing, but as with everything else he did, he get an A* for effort. For his courageous work, he gets a ‘one death closer to Joyce and Hopper shagging’ out of 10.

4. Jason Carver

Whenever this man came onto the screen, I wanted to turn it off. Not everything is about you, Jason – I know as a conventionally straight, white, athletic, attractive, egotistical teenage boy, this must be hard to fathom but trust me, it’s what everyone is thinking.

The only good thing the gates opening brought was him being torn into two, I said what I said. Argue with the wall. Jason is getting a ‘and yet Vecna is supposedly the villain’ out of 10.


3. Billy Hargrove

We love a juicy redemption arc. Billy, the villain whose most discussed feature was his ass and not his bravery, he really did redeem himself. A sacrifice is never unnecessary, so even if Eleven lost her powers because of him and we had to sit through 5 hours of filler in season 4, he looked sexy as ever doing it. Billy gets a gracious ‘your death actually made you 3 times more attractive’ out of 10.

2. Chrissy Cunningham

Chrissy’s death was a turning point. There I was expecting the usual ‘cute kids fight evil’ and instead, I got an 18 rated horror film, a new phobia of the sound of bones cracking and a traumatised new favourite character taking the form of Eddie Munson. However, it can’t be ranked as unnecessary when we got Eddie’s upside-down performance out of it.

Regardless, she’s getting a ‘not quite the drug experience you were hoping for’ out of 10.

1. Eddie Munson

I don’t remember a fandom lining up troops over a character’s death quite like this since Jon Snow, a death which, by the way, I got a BBC News notification for when it happened. Where was that for Eddie??

Hot, a bit weird and yet still a great person – Eddie was the full package, something the Duffer brothers were definitely counting on, which is why they killed him without a second thought or relevance to the plot. Cheers guys, the whole fandom is crying. It’s getting a ‘fans will riot until he’s confirmed to return’ out of 10.

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