I want to go home TikTok sound

The story behind the ‘I want to go home’ TikTok sound is actually pretty emotional

I want to gooooooo home

TikTok is the best app when it comes to finding an iconic viral sound, the latest is by a young child singing “I want to go home”. It’s so simple, but so good. An example of some of TikTok’s most popular sounds this year would be the Louis Theroux rap and “I like it, Picasso”. But now “I want to go home” is taking over so here’s everything you need to know about the viral TikTok sound – starting with where it originally came from.

The ‘I want to go home’ TikTok sound was uploaded back in May

Since being uploaded onto TikTok, the audio has achieved millions of views. It shows a girl singing the lyrics and the song slaps so hard. The clip on TikTok is from the song “It’s a Holiday” by a Nigerian music group called Destined Kids.

In the first minute of the song the girl sings about wanting to go home for the holidays and it’s pretty sad. On TikTok, people using the app are creating content with the sound showing somewhere that they’re not happy and wanting to go home just like the girl singing. The videos are truly iconic, here are some of the best.

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