It’s been a month so here are all this year’s Love Islanders’ red flags

Dami seriously needs to stop behaving like an 18 year old on his first night out

Whether you like to admit it or not, we’ve all got red flags. You may not be aware of them, opting instead to live in a blissful world where you are perfect and it’s everyone else that’s the problem – a world in which it would appear most of this year’s Islanders have chosen to reside.

But they’re there. The tiny, seemingly insignificant personality traits that you try to hide, although that becomes a lot harder when you move into a Spanish villa for eight weeks and try to find the love of your life… and £50,000.

This year’s Islanders are no stranger to the dreaded red flag, breaking the public’s hearts more and more everyday as they show us their true colours. We thought it was time we made an official list of their biggest red flags in the hopes it will cause an awakening, and maybe make the world a better place as a result.

Dami – Flipping around

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Dami has spent most of his time in the villa as a fan favourite. The whole of the British public rejoiced when he and Indiyah finally got to couple up and have relished in every cringey moment since. However, in recent episodes, Dami has gone on a downward spiral as he’s been treating Casa Amor like a lads’ holiday, and has barely spared a second thought to his other half. From calling Luca fake to necking on with Summer as soon as he got the chance, Dami’s red flag is pretty evident: he flip flops more than a fish out of water.

Tasha – Crying at everything

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Okay, we get it – life in the villa isn’t all sunshine and roses. But surely it doesn’t warrant that many tears, it’s surprising Tasha has any left. Dreading to think what’ll happen when she arrives back at the villa and discovers that Andrew’s ditched her for Coco, the producers best start shipping sandbags in now to prepare for the inevitable flooding.

Andrew – Falling in love after knowing someone for two minutes

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It was kind of sweet with Tasha – the public was even wondering if they could be in it to win it. But, the guy’s known Coco for all of five seconds and he’s already falling at her feet. Who knows? Maybe they could have something special, but it seems more likely that Andrew just has a tendency for infatuation.

Davide – Wandering lips

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Davide has given the public no doubt that when he wants to kiss someone, he will. Be it a new bombshell who’s just walked in the villa, or the girl he’s actually coupled up with, Davide’s lips know no boundaries. Seriously, someone should put a warning on the villa, because no girl’s mouth is safe with this man on the prowl.

Danica – Self sabotage

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Danica was an unexpected bombshell in the villa who shot herself in the foot in her very first recoupling. We get ‘every man for themselves’ and not worrying about Gemma, but come on Danica, you watched the show like the rest of us and saw how into her Luca is – you really did yourself over with that one. It’s refreshing to see her thriving in Casa Amor and finally having the opportunity she deserves with single guys.

Paige – Too trusting

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Paige, being the Welsh angel that she is, has proven her trusting nature many a time, only for it to come back and bite her now Casa Amor has arisen. It’s time for Paige to wreak some havoc in the villa, and while she’s at it – show Jacques that she doesn’t need him to care about her feelings.

Jacques – Still in love with Gemma, and everything Samuel said

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Ever since Jacques first arrived in the villa, it was made abundantly clear that he and Gemma have history. Initially, they both claimed that they had no interest in rekindling their lost love, but Jacques’ actions in confessing his feelings to Paige at 3am followed by cracking on with Cheyanne as soon as he could, poses the question – maybe he’s just trying to fill a Gemma shaped hole? Also, after what Samuel said, need we say more?

Gemma – Impossible to get over

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Gemma’s red flag isn’t necessarily a direct result of her behaviour, but it’s certainly worth acknowledging. First Jacques followed her into the villa, and now another of her exes has his eye set on winning her back. It’s not looking good for Luca. Good luck boys, because it seems like once you’ve fallen for this one, you’re down for life.

There you have it: the (un)official red flags of this year’s Islanders. No judgement though, we all have them, just most of us aren’t been aired on national TV for an hour every night. If your favourite Love Islander isn’t on the list, clearly they’re doing something right, and so are you.

Cover image credit: @andrewlepage, @davidesancli, and @gemowen_1 on Instagram.

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