Casa Amor proves how hypocritical the double standards are in Love Island

The boys are having a completely different time to the girls

Casa Amor is bringing the most drama yet to Love Island 2022. There have been tears, kisses, and a whooole lot of flirting. But it’s also brought with it a large serving of double standards. The boys and girls on Love Island have completely different experiences and are blamed for completely different things, and I’m sick of it.

Last night we saw the boys in the main villa entirely lose their silly little minds over their “lad’s holiday”, when the episode before they’d been sad over missing the girls, packing their rings and hoodies into the girl’s suitcases for them to have during their time apart. Andrew, Davide and Dami all kissed Casa Amor girls, outside of the weird challenge they had to do.

When Andrew skulked back to the fire pit after kissing Coco, the boys all gathered round and seemed gleeful as he recounted the details, screaming and hugging him. “He’s been here a month but his Love Island experience started today”, Luca joked to the boys, “Tasha who?” Then Andrew said he’d have to figure out how to get his ring back off her.

But hold up – rewind just two weeks, and these same Love Island boys are the ones who were berating Ekin-Su for kissing Jay while she was with Davide, and having a go at Tasha for merely daring to suggest she might be interested in having a conversation with someone who isn’t Andrew. The double standards are ridiculous.

One person on Twitter said about last night’s episode: “The same Dami that told Tasha ‘if you have everything you are looking for in Andrew why look outside?’. Another highlighted the “contrast” between how the boys are treated compared to the girls.

When Ekin-Su decided she wanted more than the zero per cent Davide was giving her (the first time they were coupled up) and she kissed Jay, she was called a player for moving on to someone else, with Davide saying she was going from “flower to flower”. But isn’t this exactly what the boys are doing now, apparently “testing” their feelings for the girls they’re with by getting to know the Casa Amor girls?

And when Davide shouted at Ekin-Su for being an “actress” and “liar”, the boys backed him. But when Jay and Ekin-Su ended, they argued and she called him a “mug”, and Jacques ended up sticking his oar in, getting involved and calling her a “headache”. It was so uncalled for. One person on Twitter said the boys have “double standards” for Jay and Ekin-Su, and called it “toxic lad culture”. Whether the boys step up and start holding each other accountable, or they simply just let the girls be – Love Island’s “boys will be boys” mentality and double standards needs to stop.

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