Quiz: Which power would you have if you were a Hargreaves sibling in The Umbrella Academy?

We can’t all have Lila’s power I’m afraid

Being obsessed with The Umbrella Academy goes one step further when you start wishing you were actually a character in the TV show itself with the powers of one of the Hargreaves siblings. All the siblings have different powers that make them all super unique and interesting, but also really enviable. Don’t tell me you watched the whole of Umbrella Academy without ever thinking “wtf that’s so cool” whenever Luther lifts something really heavy or Allison controls someone’s mind.

Granted, some of the siblings definitely got the short straw as some of the powers are a lot cooler and more practical than the rest. Diego’s trajectory manipulation is fairly cool on screen but in practice what does that mean? He’s just really good at scoring goals – at least he’d be popular with the lads. And Ben’s spontaneous tentacle eruption is quite frankly gross and freaky, I really don’t want tentacles coming out of my chest thank you very much.

But if you were in The Umbrella Academy, what Hargreaves sibling’s power would you have? Take this quiz and find out once and for all because I know you’ve always fantasied about it:

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