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Loved The Umbrella Academy? Here are 11 other shows and films you can watch the cast in

Honestly, I’ll watch anything with Robert Sheehan in

Okay so you’ve just binge watched the entirety of season three of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix and now you’re looking for something to fill the umbrella-shaped hole in your heart. The show hasn’t even been renewed for another season yet but already fans are anticipating its arrival on Netflix. If you’ve finished the show but have fallen helplessly in love with the cast as everyone else has, then there are plenty other shows and films out there you can watch that the Umbrella Academy cast have also starred in.

From psychological thrillers to animated musicals, the cast of The Umbrella Academy really can do it all. If you’re looking for something similar in vibes to The Umbrella Academy or a show that’s completely different, there’s something that fulfils every criteria. Here are a bunch of other great TV shows and films where you can watch the cast of The Umbrella Academy:


umbrella academy cast other shows

If you’re a young person in Britain then you’ve definitely heard of Misfits. When it came out in 2009 it had the entire teenage population of the country in a chokehold, and most of that was thanks to Robert Sheehan’s perfect head of curls. Robert played Klaus in The Umbrella Academy but in Misfits he was Nathan Young, a cocky and narcissistic character who for some reason made all young girls weak at the knees. The show follows a group of teenage delinquents who find they all have magical powers, if you enjoy Umbrella Academy then you’re bound to get on well with Misfits.

Game of Thrones

umbrella academy cast other shows

I’m sure everyone has heard of Game of Thrones and if you haven’t – how? But did you know Umbrella Academy’s Luther had a part in it? Tom played the role of Dickon Tarly (the brother of Jon Snow’s right hand man Sam) in season seven, taking over from a different actor who had played Dickon in earlier seasons. Unfortunately, his character doesn’t last long as in season eight, like many characters on the show, he meets an untimely end when Daenerys kills him.

Central Park

umbrella academy cast other shows

Having made her acting start on Broadway, it’s no surprise that Emmy Raver-Lampman is in the animated musical series called Central Park. Emmy plays the lead role of Molly who likes to imagine herself as a superhero, not dissimilar to Emmy’s character of Allison in Umbrella Academy. It may be a cartoon but don’t be fooled, Central Park is very much a show intended for adults. The cast of the American sitcom available on Apple TV also boosts some other big names, with Kristen Bell and Stanley Tucci also starring in it alongside Emmy.


umbrella academy cast other shows

If you haven’t seen Fortitude then you’re missing out. The British show originally aired on Sky Atlantic and is a psychological horror that follows the inhabitants of an isolated town where strange and violent murders start happening. Robert Sheehan who plays Klaus in Umbrella Academy is so good in Foritude that you don’t even realise it’s him due to the extent he’s in character.


umbrella academy cast other shows

By far Elliot Page’s biggest acting role outside of Umbrella Academy, where he plays Viktor, is the coming of age movie Juno. Elliot plays the titular tole and the movie follows Juno through a teen pregnancy whilst trying to navigate high school and growing up. All of which is hard enough to do without pregnant at the same time.

Jane the Virgin

David Castaneda who is Diego in Umbrella Academy, plays the role of Nicholas in Jane the Virgin. His character only appears in season one as a recurring role. His character of Nicholas is an assistant in the show who tries to sabotage the success of his boss. Jane the Virgin is inspired by South American telenovelas and is a super fun, light hearted show; it’s definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already. All seasons are now available on Netflix.


umbrella academy cast other shows

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Before he played Luther in Umbrella Academy, Merlin was Tom Hopper’s big break into acting. He joined the cast of the BBC show in season three as Sir Percival. The show follows a new take on the classic Merlin and King Author story that we are all familiar with, with Sir Percival being a night of the round table and a loyal ally to Arthur. This show is definitely bingeable and all seasons have now been added to Netflix.


umbrella academy cast other shows

Pretty much everyone has seen, and been confused by, Inception but you might not remember that Elliot Page, Umbrella Academy’s Viktor, actually appeared in the blockbuster movie. The science fiction movie follows the lead character played by Leonardo DiCaprio as he enters people’s subconscious in order to steal from them – or at least I think that’s what he was doing, it was a really confusing film. Elliot plays Adriadne who helps Leonardo DiCaprio on his quests.


umbrella academy cast other shows

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Cherrybomb is a lesser known movie that Robert Sheehan plays a supporting role in. The movie is most notable for being one of Rupert Grint’s only acting projects outside of Harry Potter that ever took off the ground, and even then it didn’t do so well. Robert, who has the role of Klaus in Umbrella Academy, plays Luke who battles it out with Rupert Grint’s character for the affections of a girl they both fancy. If you make it to the end, the film finishes with a twist that you won’t expect.

After Yang

umbrella academy cast other shows

After Yang is Justin H Min’s biggest acting role outside of The Umbrella Academy where he plays Ben. Starring alongside Colin Farrell, Justin plays Yang, an android who acts for a companion to a young girl who has no siblings. The film only came out last year and had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. If the rave reviews can’t convince you, watch it just to show support for Umbrella Academy’s most wholesome cast member.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

umbrella academy cast other shows

Don’t be fooled by the glasses, that is Robert Sheehan, Umbrella Academy’s Klaus, in The Moral Instruments, I’d recognise those curls anywhere. This was Robert’s first role away from English television and branching out into Hollywood. Starring alongside Emily in Paris’ Lily Collins and Stranger Things’ very own Vecna Jamie Campbell-Bower, Robert plays the nerdy sidekick Luke. The supernatural element to this film makes it an ideal movie to watch next for any hardcore Umbrella Academy fans.

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