Stranger Things Netflix crashed

Netflix has apparently crashed as people go on to stream new episodes of Stranger Things

Let us in so we can see who dies!

Happy Stranger Things season four volume two day to all who celebrate! The wait is over, but we might have a bit more time to kill on our hands because Netflix has crashed and going down for people who are eagerly logging in to binge the finale of Stranger Things. Twitter is full of Stranger Things fans getting a pop up saying “Network error, there is a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again later.” CHAOS.

Clearly, Vecna and The Mind Flayer have spread their upside down evil onto the internet to prevent Eleven and co thrashing them into the abyss. If it means I get a few more hours with that group of characters that I love before The Duffer Brothers kill them off, I’ll take it. Down Detector is a great way to check if there’s an issue, and it’s reporting that from 8am a huge spike in Netflix issues – proving that the streaming service is indeed having problems.

Fans on Twitter were notably fuming. “I did not count down the seconds like it’s New Years only for Netflix to crash,” one said, with another saying “I just wanted to see the episode titles but Netflix has crashed!” Absolute chaos, carnage and mayhem as the world gears up to go back to Hawkins, back to the Upside Down and back for the longest and most anticipated episodes of Stranger Things ever – I just hope Netflix hasn’t crashed by the time I finish work!

Netflix hasn’t yet commented on if they have gone down or the errors.

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