Here are the university cities where the cost of living crisis is hitting students the hardest

No prizes for guessing London comes out on top

The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone, but one group seems to be particularly hard done by: students.

An NUS survey found that one in four students have just £50 to live on every month, while half of all students claim their student loan does not cover their living costs.

Shockingly, two thirds of students have to seek outside financial assistance and five per cent have even resorted to using food banks.

While student loan interest rates have thankfully been capped, the government hasn’t done much more to mitigate the effects of the cost of living crisis felt by those at university.

“When you’re hearing from students who can’t afford to travel to their campus library, you know there is something deeply wrong,” NUS UK President Larissa Kennedy said. “We know that thousands of students are already being forced to choose between heating and eating, and with this cost-of-living crisis only expected to get worse, the Government needs to act to support the most vulnerable.”

Students different university cities will be affected by the cost of living crisis to varying degrees.

Unsurprisingly, students in London are hit the hardest, with KitKeeper calculating each student’s monthly costs to be around £839. Manchester and Edinburgh come next where student monthly costs total £706 and £592 respectively.

The following table breaks down student living costs into rent, bills, nights out and food. Here are the university cities where the cost of living crisis is hitting students the hardest:

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