Drag Race no eliminations

A Drag Race producer has revealed how the decision was made to have no eliminations on AS7

‘We’re always challenged on finding the balance between artistry, stakes and drama’

For the first time ever, the currently airing season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, All Stars 7, features not a single queen being eliminated for the process. And before anyone pipes up, season 14 didn’t have no queens being told to sashay away even though it pretty much felt like it for half of the season. This is different, okay! The all winners season has queens battling for Legendary Legend Stars to qualify for the lip sync smackdown for the crown in the finale. Ever wondered how this choice came about, and how the producers managed to make it happen without sacrificing good reality TV? Here’s how Drag Race got a season with no eliminations.

Via World of Wonder

Speaking to Evan Ross Katz for Yahoo, Randy Barbato (one half of the production duo who run World of Wonder, alongside his partner Fenton Bailey) said: “As producers, we are always challenged on finding that balance between respecting the artistry of the cast and delivering some kind of stakes and drama. The producing team are all fans of the cast. We’re rabid fans of the cast, so we want them all to last all season.

“We have two goals: Create great entertainment and create a platform for these artists to share their artistry. With the winners season, there was even more pressure to do this. They all deserve the platform to deliver their artistry. It became clear to us that this is an opportunity to do a show without eliminations, and how can we do that in a way that’s still entertaining, has drama and delivers some stakes, and that’s where we arrived.”

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