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‘She’s got problems downstairs’: Deliveroo rider targets student for ordering thrush cream

He filmed the order for his 1,000 Instagram followers

Deliveroo has said it’s cutting ties with one of its riders, after he posted a customer’s order and face on his Instagram.

25-year-old Jordan De Silva shared the student’s pharmacy order, which contained a box of a thrush medication, and began videoing the delivery on his stories.

The clips were quickly shared on TikTok and Twitter, with people urging the company to make sure the customer’s okay.

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De Silva started the video by zooming in on the product – a box of Canesten Combi – and laughing about it.

“I’m gonna deliver this to this person, here. I guarantee it’s a student as well,” he said. “Someone’s got some problems downstairs, man.”

He then recorded the student walking out of her flat. The original video showed her face in full, while the subsequent reposters censored as much as they could.

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“What’s this for, anyway?” De Silva asked the woman, revealing both her appearance and the whereabouts of her home in the video.

“It’s medicine,” she replied.

“What for? What do you use it for?” the driver continued. “Face cream, is it?”

After he completed the delivery, he turned to the camera and started giggling.


A Twitter user posted the video last night (27th June), pressuring Deliveroo to investigate the situation. It’s since been retweeted around 2,000 times.

In response to the pressure, Deliveroo said: “Thank you for raising this with us. This is completely unacceptable. Rest assured we will be reaching out to this customer, investigating immediately and will no longer work with this rider.”

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