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Everything you need to know about those white powdered oranges on your TikTok FYP

I need to know how they make them so juicy

Nothing has a hold on my TikTok For You Page, quite like those white powdered oranges. Seriously, the minute I catch a glimpse of those oranges encased in a mysterious white powder, I am hooked and waiting with bated breath just knowing the gorgeous oozy juice that’s about to pour out of the orange as it’s sliced open.

And I’m not the only orange obsessive. The powder orange hashtag has over 3.5million views on TikTok and there are thousands of videos of people filming themselves reacting to the oranges being cut, or covering oranges in flour attempting to recreate the videos themselves.

@love_fruitss OMG 😳 so juicy 🍊😋#usa #fruit #orange ♬ 原聲 – Fruits Love🍉🍒🥝🥥

On the off chance your FYP is fruitless then let me explain the phenomenon. Earlier this year a TikTok was posted of an orange on a tree in a garden, it’s covered in an unknown white powder, and then sliced in half, before all the juice is squeezed out of it. It’s literally just an extra juicy orange being cut open and yet here we all are captivated with it. But what kind of oranges are they? And how do they get them *that* juicy?

This is everything you need to know about the TikTok white powdered oranges:

Who posted the first TikTok of the oranges?

According to Know Your Meme, the first TikTok featuring the juicy oranges was posted by an account called “@love_fruitss” in early April.

It was viewed over 1 million times in the first two months. A few weeks later on the 14th April the account posted a similar video of a white powdered orange being cut and it has now been viewed over 300 million times.

@love_fruitss now has over 3 million followers and posts TikToks of other fruits being cut, but none to the same level of juiciness as the oranges.

The videos were originally believed to have been posted on Chinese app Douyin and then reshared on TikTok.

Why are they so juicy?

@amyy.angit’s $86 sgd for 4 by the way LOL♬ 原聲 – Fruits Love🍉🍒🥝🥥

Many of the comments on @love_fruitss videos argue there is no way the oranges could be as juicy as they are, and some people even argue the juice is being poured from above.

However, according to TikToker @amyy.ang who did some digging on Douyin, the oranges are a special cross-breed of oranges and tangerines, native to Japan called Ehime Jelly oranges.

The orange is supposed to have a jelly like texture and they apparently taste more like tangerines than oranges.

What is the white powder on the oranges?

Flour? Powdered sugar? Coke? Mould? These are just some of the things people think the powder covering the oranges is.

However, it’s not any of those, instead the white powder is believed to be a spray called Kaolin. Kaolin is made from clay and water and is sprayed onto fruit trees in order to protect them from sunburn and insects.

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