Just as we started getting over the FOMO, a bunch of people got engaged at Glasto 2022

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls get engaged at Glastonbury

Glastonbury 2022 was back for the first time in three years and not much changed since 2019. This year, amongst the carnage, tents, bars and performances there was an outbreak of people getting engaged. Two people even proposed in front of the Glastonbury sign over the weekend – how wild.

Anyway, if you weren’t already struggling with crippling Glastonbury 2022 FOMO, here’s a rundown of all the engagements plastered online this weekend.

One couple proposed to each other at the same time

Isn’t true love sweet? One couple from Bournemouth surprised each other by proposing at the same time as Glastonbury festival. Megan Bottomly and Anya Parvin have been together for seven years but never been to Glastonbury before. Anya told ITV News: “I always thought I was going to do it on the Thursday and I was just trying to find the right spot. It just so happened that Meg decided to do it at the same time as well – honestly it was crazy.”

Another couple got engaged during Self Esteem’s set

Self Esteem shaking booze over them is a whole mood.

Another person saw a proposal within ten minutes of arriving

Love was truly in the air this weekend. Also can we have a moment to appreciate this sky.

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls get engaged at Glastonbury for a VIP experience

Vibes, vibes and more vibes

This couple got engaged during Wolf Alice

Jo Gallacher tweeted saying: “Sleepy and in desperate need of a shower but getting engaged while Wolf Alice play confirms Glastonbury as the best place on earth.” Fair enough, Jo.

These people got *married* at Glastonbury

It’s true, we will be single forever.


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