Someone on TikTok has shared times to shop on ASOS to get things cheaper

So, a girl is saying there are exact times to shop on ASOS to get items cheaper

This has changed my life?!

A girl on TikTok is saying she knows the exact times you need to shop on ASOS in order to get your items for cheaper. Honestly, I fear this hack could be life changing.

Bella, whose TikTok is basically packed with shopping hacks that you need in your life, shared a video called “how to get cheap ASOS”. In it, she shares the exact times of day and days of the week which are best to shop, in order to make sure there are always discount codes and sales on.

“Right, ASOS. I know two main things for how you can save money,” she begins. “Firstly, the timing when you buy stuff on ASOS makes a huge difference. Unless you really need something, never buy from ASOS unless it’s a Sunday evening or if it’s after lunchtime on a weekday. This is because Sunday between 7pm and 9pm is when they always announce 20 per cent off, or they always send you promo codes after midday on weekdays.

“They also usually announce discounts like 20 per cent off, 10 per cent off between 12pm and 2pm on weekdays. Basically, just never order in the morning.”

@be11a_2000 Keep commenting stores you want hacks on. Part 1 on how cheap asos. Lots more to come, especially for urban, asos and h&m 🙂 #asos #cheapasos #hacks #clothes #shopping #urbanoutfitters #urbanoutfittercargos #uo #ASOS #fypシ #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #discounts #brandymelville ♬ original sound – Bella

Right, so what you need to know is Sunday evenings between 7pm and 9pm, and weekdays between 12pm and 2pm are the exact times when you need to shop on ASOS to get promo codes and make your items cheaper. Noted!!!

In the comments, Bella has shared a few more tips, including how to secure items when they go into promotions. “If you always make sure you have stuff you like in your bag, then you’ll already have secured them before everything goes on promo days,” she replied to someone. Another comment called her their “fav online shopper” and you know what, same.

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