Sadie Sink Stranger Things

An ode to Sadie Sink, the icon who makes Max the very best thing about Stranger Things

Every scene without Sadie is a scene wasted!

On season four of Stranger Things, The Duffer Brothers finally realised their greatest asset: Sadie Sink. And the season was all the more iconic for it. Since Sadie Sink entered the show as Max in season two, she quickly made it feel like she’d been a part of the gang since day one. She’s immaculate vibes, she steals every scene she’s in and she’s the absolute best thing about the entire Stranger Things show. End of. This is an ode to Sadie Sink, one of the best actresses working today, and how she makes Stranger Things better every single episode.

She was iconic from the word ‘MADMAX’

Cast your mind back to season two. Do you remember the first episode? The gang had just dragged Will back from the Upside Down, and Halloween was upon them. The gang first discover who Max is when they see someone with the handle MADMAX is thwarting their high scores at the Hawkins arcade. They, of course, assume it’s a guy smashing the scores – before being blown away by Sadie Sink’s iconic entrance as Max Mayfield. They instantly want her in the group and her affection. Since then, she’s been part of the furniture.

She deserves Millie Bobby Brown’s recognition

Millie Bobby Brown became *thee* breakout star of Stranger Things from the off, thanks to her mature beyond her years performance as Eleven. And rightly so. But you know who deserves the exact same level of fame and high regard? Sadie Sink. Sadie matches MBB on all levels, and I’d argue can turn in an even more emotional performance when she needs to. No Eleven moment has moved me like Max’s arc on Stranger Things season four.

Sadie leaves no crumbs. Her role in the music video for All Too Well (10 Minute Version) was heartbreaking and intricate, and she brings it hard when she does slashers like Fear Street, too.

She’s responsible for the Running Up That Hill resurgence

Kate Bush  got to number one on Friday with Running Up That Hill, 37 years after its release. Why? Because it’s Max from Stranger Things’ favourite song, and it saved her from dying at the hands of Vecna. The power of the anthemic Kate Bush banger is immense, but it was Sadie Sink’s performance throughout the viral scene that took it all to new heights. The montage section of her friendship moments and romantic relationship with Lucas makes me weep every time, and then her face and determination during the sprint to the escape is just phenomenal. Emmys incoming!

Every scene without her is a scene wasted

I’m so glad Max survived, because a Stranger Things scene without Sadie Sink is barely one worth watching. And this is a show with a cast that is truly phenomenal, so it’s no slight on their performances. But a testament to how great and watchable Sadie Sink is as Max. She’s the heart of the group by this point, endlessly resilient and fiercely brave and loyal. She’s been through so much and still manages to weather the storm and never give in to the dark thoughts as she lives and struggles through her trauma. She’s inspirational, and Sadie Sink brings a seasoned-pro energy performance to the role that many actors her age could only dream of.

Thank you Sadie Sink for giving us Max, and making Stranger Things better every episode with your performance. The Duffer Brothers, if you kill her off, you will have me to deal with.

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