Stranger Things season four cast

A rundown of all the new faces in Stranger Things season four

I am in love with Eddie and I don’t care who knows it

There’s something precious about the cast of Stranger Things season four which makes me want to protect them at all costs. The show is just so good and even though we were waiting for what felt like a lifetime, season four slaps so hard. The storylines in Stranger Things season four are so good and with the show now being partly based in California we have a load of new cast members to meet. So here’s a rundown of all the new cast and characters to make note of whilst watching Stranger Things season four.

Robert Enguland as Victor Creel

Victor Creel is a disturbed man who was acused of murdering someone in Hawkins back in the 1950s. He’s been kept in a psychiatric hospital ever since. In 1986, when season four takes place, Victor Creel’s house is a famous Hawkins landmark which Steve and Dustin break into.

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munsen

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Eddie Munsen is a metal rock lover who leads the Dungeons and Dragons society, The Hellfire Club. Everyone (apart from Dustin) thinks he’s a freak who lives with his uncle in a trailer park. Quickly he gets involved with Chrissy and her drama so it’s safe to say he remains a big figure throughout season four.

Jamie Campbell Bower as Peter Ballard

Peter is described as a “caring man who works as an orderly at a pshyciatric hospital. Tired of the brutality he witnesses day after day, will Peter take a stand?” However there’s a pretty big plot twist involving Peter’s character and it’s so good.

Grace Van Dien as Chrissy Cunningham

Stranger Things season four cast

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Chrissy gives off a vibe that says she’s living her dream life. But that’s far from the truth, her official character description says she’s got a “dark secret”. Chrissy attends counselling at Hawkins because she’s struggling with her life at home. She’s heard throwing up in the school bathroom by Max but she quickly asks to be left alone. Later she hears someone banging on her cubicle door, thinking it’s Max but it’s actually her mother’s voice.

Eduraro Franco as Argyle

Stranger Things season four cast

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Argyle is a weed loving pizza delivery driver. He’s best mates with Jonathan Byers who now lives in California with his mum Joyce, brother Will and adoptive sister Eleven (known as Jane).

Amybeth McNulty as Vickie

Vickie is a Hawkins High student, she’s described as “a cool, fast-talking band nerd”. She was introduced as a love interest for one of the gang.

Mason Dye as Jason Carver

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Jason is the boyfriend of Chrissy – he’s the Hawkins High basketball star and everyone loves him. He’s rich, popular and dating the coolest girl in the school.

Elodie Grace-Orkin as Angela

Stranger Things season four cast

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Angela is the ringleader of a gang of bullies at Eleven and Will’s new school in California. Her and her mates give Eleven a pretty hard time and make her the victim of some brutal attacks.

Jamie Campbell Bower as Henry Creel

Henry was born in  1947 and is the son of Victor and Virginia Creel. He was born with the ability to sense the supernatural. When Henry’s family died in a massacre, Victor was taken to a mental hospital and told his son Henry was in a coma for a week before dying from the shock. However Henry’s death was a hoax ordered by Doctor Martin Brenner who studies Henry at Hawkins National Laboratory. He gave Henry a tattoo on his wrist saying “001”. Over time Henry was given the name Peter Ballard and then became an orderly for other children in the Rainbow Room.

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