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Wait, who actually plays young Eleven in Stranger Things and is it Millie Bobby Brown?

I need answers!!

If you’ve started watching Stranger Things four then you’ll notice the flashbacks we get to younger Eleven when she was a patient in Hawkins lab. You’ll also have picked up on how uncanny the resemblance is between the Eleven we know and love and the young Eleven. It’s truly wild and fans have been debating whether the crew have either made Millie Bobby Brown look younger or hired a young actress who looks like her. Here’s the truth behind who plays young Eleven in Stranger Things four but first here’s some context of how young Eleven even came about in season four.

In season three Eleven loses her powers after battling the Mind Flayer

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At the end of season three, Eleven battles the Mind Flayer and ultimately loses her powers. Stranger Things four focuses heavily on Eleven working her way through school and being bullied. After an incident at the roller skate rink, Dr. Owens comes to Eleven saying he wants to help her become a “superhero” again. This process involves Dr. Brenner, a sensory tank and Eleven confronting her traumatic time in the Hawkins Lab.

Who plays young Eleven in Stranger Things four?

Okay so season four starts off with a flashback to 1979 and the Hawkins Lab massacre. It was an event Eleven was originally blamed for. Eleven is forced to relive these events in later episodes and sees her younger self around the lab in mirrors. However Millie Bobby Brown did not play her younger self in season four. Instead, eight-year-old Eleven is played by Martie Blair.

At times Millie’s face is de-aged and superimposed on Martie’s at times meaning it’s added over as a layer.

Millie Bobby Brown directed Martie Blaire in Stranger Things four

Apparently Martie has been a fan of Stranger Things since she was four. She says playing the role of young Eleven is a “dream come true”. She made this really cute post on Instagram showing her “001” tattoo.

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