Eddie Munson Stranger Things four

26 tweets about everyone’s favourite metalhead Eddie Munson from Stranger Things four

Yes, his hair has its own stan account

One of the best gifts that Stranger Things season 4 has given us is that of Eddie Munson.

The iconic dungeon master of the Hellfire D&D club at Hawkins High School, I think everyone who has watched this season is now majorly obsessed with him. From his hair, to his hair, and lastly how can we forget his hair, there’s lots to be obsessed over.

But we’re not the only ones who think so, here are 26 tweets about the loveable metalhead, Eddie Munson.

1. It’s definitely the hair

2. If you know you know

3. Are we witnessing the rebirth of the black skinny ripped jean?

4. Squidward said it all

5. The fact anyone could be saying anything but praise is insulting

6. I can’t unsee it

7. Stranger Things x Umbrella Academy Crossover?

8. *Rises*

9. Correct answer

10. We’ll take written and in-person apologies

11. He’s prettier than I’ll ever be

12. Hands down

13. We will riot

14. Me too

15. They really did that

16. He’s our D&D playing king

17. Netflix Canada knows what’s up

18. The only appropriate middle name

19. The only acceptable response

20. Sidenote, is that Orlando Bloom??

21. Icon energy

22. The skies so blue in Hawkins

23. You can click both right?

24. I’m not ashamed to admit it

25. I think we all are

26. Best therapy I’ve ever received

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