Ranked: The most popular Stranger Things cast member, by Instagram followers

Young, fun and millions of followers? Dreamy


Stranger Things has been around for years now – after the nearly three year wait we had for season four, don’t we just know it. But this has meant a lot of the cast members have grown up with us, and we’ve become huge fans of, so it’s no surprise tens of millions of people have flocked to Instagram to follow the cast of Stranger Things.

They’re just as fun in real life as they are on the show – posting loads of behind the scenes pictures of them hanging out, as well as pictures from fancy events and their other major work projects. Here is a ranking of the most popular members of the Stranger Things cast, by who has the most Instagram followers.

Amybeth McNulty – 7.3million

via Instagram @amybethmcnulty

Amybeth McNulty joins Stranger Things 4 as Vickie, a member of the school marching band and a potential love interest for Robin. Amybeth already has a huge amount of Instagram followers, probably because she was the lead in Anne With An E on Netflix, which has a huge and very dedicated fan base.

Natalia Dyer – 8.1million

The cast of Stranger Things on Netflix ranked by Instagram followers

via Instagram @nattyiceofficial

Up next in the ranking is Natalia Dyer, who has 8.1million Instagram followers. She posts quite a few selfies, pictures from her work and modelling snaps, as well as cute pictures with her Stranger Things co-star Charlie Heaton, who she is dating in real life.

David Harbour – 8.4million

via Instagram @dkharbour

Hopper deserves loads of followers, and that he has. David Harbour currently has 8.4million, and shares loads of pictures from his work, and with his wife, the actual Lily Allen! I always forget those two are together and it’s a beautiful crossover every time I remember.

Caleb McLaughlin – 13.7million

Out of the main gang in the Stranger Things cast, Caleb McLaughlin has the least Instagram followers – 13.7million. 13.7million seems like a ridiculous amount to say is one of the lower figures, but here we are, they’re a popular cast. There’s only one way to describe Caleb’s feed: It’s giving laid back, cool vibes. His world is somewhere I’d like to hang out.

Gaten Matarazzo – 16.9million

The cast of Stranger Things on Netflix ranked by Instagram followers

via Instagram @gatenm123

Up next is Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin. He currently has just over 16million Instagram followers and, in case you’re wondering, his feed is as good vibes as you would imagine. Exhibit A being the photo above of him at Universal Orlando.

Sadie Sink – 20.8million

via Instagram @sadiesink_

Sadie Sink is the queen of our hearts in Stranger Things 4 as Max. She currently has 20.8million Instagram followers, but according to SocialBlade, has been gaining around 150k followers a day since the new season was released on Netflix.

Noah Schnapp – 24.3million

The cast of Stranger Things on Netflix ranked by Instagram followers

via Instagram @noahschnapp

Noah, who plays Will, has just over 24million followers. He clearly has good connections, with his Instagram posts including him hanging out with people such as Gigi Hadid, Madelyn Cline and The Rock.

Finn Wolfhard – 24.4million

via Instagram @finnwolfhardofficial

Just missing out on the top spot is Finn, who plays Mike. He can’t really complain though, 24.4million Instagram followers is still a ridiculous number to have. Finn posts a lot about his band, The Aubreys. Finn has also done a few sponsored posts on Instagram, which according to AskGamblers.com, could earn him up to £56k per post. Not bad!

Millie Bobby Brown – 54.1million

The cast of Stranger Things on Netflix ranked by Instagram followers

via Instagram @milliebobbybrown

Nothing to see here, just the casual 54million followers for Millie Bobby Brown. She is one of the coolest up and coming actresses of the current generation, after all. She shares loads about her beauty brand on Instagram, her on magazine covers and hanging out with her fellow Stranger Things cast members. I think it goes without saying, she’s got the most followers.

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