This is where you recognise the cast of The Silencing on Netflix from

Including Hero Fiennes Tiffin

The Silencing is the latest thriller to drop on Netflix, and it stars a pretty impressive cast including Nikolai Coster-Waldau and Annabelle Wallis. It originally came out in 2020 but has just been added to Netflix and is already in the top 10 movies this week.

The film tells the story of Rayburn, a hunter, and Gustafaston, the newly appointed sheriff, who combine forces to solve a string of murders happening on Rayburn’s protected land. The movie has everything you want out of a thriller – jump scare scenes, dramatic landscapes, and um, a yeti?

If that hasn’t convinced you to watch The Silencing, then maybe the cast list will:

Rayburn – Nikolai Coster-Waldau

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Nikolai Coster-Waldau takes on the lead role of Rayburn in The Silencing. Rayburn is a distraught father who is still searching for his missing daughter, when an intruder on his property turns out to be a serial killer.

Nikolai’s most notable role is of course, Jaime Lannister, in Game of Thrones. He starred as Jaime for the eight years the series was on.

He’s been acting since the early 1990s, with early roles in a number of TV movies. Since then’s become most known for his roles in the movies Oblivion, Gods of Egypt, and Nightwatch.

Gustafaston – Annabelle Wallis

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Detective Gustafaston is the newly appointed sheriff in town, solving the string of murders, she’s played by Annabelle Wallis.

Annabelle is best known for her role as Grace Burgess in Peaky Blinders, which she starred in for six years. She’s also been in the series The Tudors as Jane Seymour.

Annabelle has also had notable roles in the films Annabelle, The Mummy, and Silent Night. For the last two years Annabelle has starred in the Star Trek TV series.

Brooks – Hero Fiennes Tiffin

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Hero Fiennes Tiffin starred in The Silencing as Brooks the younger brother of Gustafaston. You’re most likely to recognise Hero from the After film series where he plays the lead role Hardin Scott.

He’s been acting since 2008, with one of his earliest roles as young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. His uncle Ralph Fiennes played Lord Voldemort in the series, but Harry Potter director David Yates said Hero got the role after auditioning and due to his own skills.

Hero has also had roles in the Netflix series Safe and the ITV series Cleaning Up with Sheridan Smith.

Blackhawk – Zahn McClarnon

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Blackhawk is the sheriff of the neighbouring district and is married to Rayburn’s ex wife Debbie, he’s played by Zahn McClarnon.

Zahn has been acting since the early 1990s, however he’s best known for his roles in the series Fargo, Longmire, and Westworld.

More recently Zahn has starred in the Marvel series Hawkeye and is scheduled to appear in the series Echo.

Dr Boone – Shaun Smyth

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Shaun Smyth plays Dr Boone, the doctor who works in the hospital and also helps the police with their investigations.

He’s been acting since the early 1990s with roles in Fringe, Once Upon a Time, and an episode of Supernatural.

Shaun has also starred in a number of TV movies and recently appeared in an episode of Suits.

Debbie – Melanie Scrofano

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Debbie is the ex-wife of Rayburn, who is pregnant with her child with Blackhawk, she’s played by Melanie Scrofano.

Melanie is perhaps best known for her role in the series Wynonna Earp where she played the lead role. She’s been acting since the early 2000s, and has appeared in episodes of Supernatural, Baxter, Designated Survivor, Being Erica, and Degrassi: The Next Generation, amongst many others.

Melanie has also starred in a number of films including the 2019 comedy horror film Ready or Not.

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