A trivia quiz of Love Island 2021 ahead of 2022 series

Excited for Love Island coming back? Let’s see how well you remember last year’s then

Millie? Lillie? Who were they all again?

Love Island 2022 is upon us. The cast list has been announced, which means it’s all getting a little too real. So now is the perfect time to see if you’re really ready to get stuck into the new season, with a trivia quiz of how well you remember Love Island 2021.

Do you know your Faye from your Chloe? Your Lillie from your Millie? Could you remember the faces of those people who entered Casa Amor and left within what seemed like minutes? How well do you remember all the iconic quotes from last year, or the hilarious challenges the cast members were given to do? If you can remember each and every episode like it was live on your TV screen yesterday, you’re in for a treat. But, if you were kinda half watching, half taking in all the memes on Twitter instead, you might find this a little tricky.

So, let’s find out once and for all. In the quiz below there are 10 questions about Love Island 2021 to truly test your knowledge. Good luck!

Take this quiz to see how well you actually remember Love Island 2021:

Love Island 2022 starts on ITV2 at 9pm on Monday 6th June. For all the latest Love Island news, memes, quizzes and gossip – follow The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook. 

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