Guys, Greene King is offering FREE pints today and I’m off to the pub right now

The best thing that’s come out of not abolishing the monarchy x

Pub chain Greene King is offering free (yess, FREE) pints today, Monday 30th May, to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

You can claim the freebie, a pint of Greene King’s IPA, by using a secret codeword at the bar, “1952”. 1952 is when the Queen ascended the throne.

I for one am certainly not complaining. Brb, off to book in pints tonight with everyone I’ve ever met.

Greene King’s website has called this “a royally tempting deal” which will “celebrate the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty’s royal coronation”.

Earlier, the pints were 6p with the deal (apparently the average price of a pint in 1952), but now they’ve changed to be free.

Andrew Gallagher, marketing director at Greene King Local Pubs, said: “The platinum jubilee is a fantastic way for the UK to come together and celebrate our Queen and country, so we wanted to take our customers back to where it all began – 1952, a time when Vera Lynn ruled the charts and pints were only 6p.

“We can’t wait to see our customers enjoy this royally good deal on Monday 30 May, and look forward to celebrating the platinum jubilee in all our pubs across the bank holiday weekend.”

The free pints will be offered at 408 sites today, and you can find the participating Greene King Local Pubs or Flaming Grills here.

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