The bar was already low, but this season’s Made in Chelsea boys are more toxic than ever

And you thought Spencer Matthews was bad!

It’s becoming more clear than ever: The boys in the cast of Made in Chelsea right now are the most toxic bunch of lads the show has ever had. I say “boys” because this lot regularly act like teenage boys who don’t know how to treat women. It’s about time it was said.

This week, if you’re watching live and not ahead of time like you can on demand now, the cast learned that James Taylor had cheated on his long-term girlfriend, Maeva. That in itself should be enough to raise eyebrows and get us questioning what these boys are like, but I’d actually argue the reaction of the other boys was what made the situation a million times worse.

The boys on Made in Chelsea right now are more toxic than ever

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Cast members like Reza (aged 35 btw, not 17 like he comes across), and Tristan were quick to say we didn’t know the “context” of the picture which showed James holding hands with another girl, so we can’t judge. Yet they were sitting on the information that James had kissed her, and were ready to justify a picture of their mate holding hands with another girl – like there was any situation or context where that would be acceptable.

Plus, they did the same with Harvey. Shock! Another cheater! He was pictured cuddling another girl at a party, and the boys were ready to try and “contextualise” and explain their way out of the picture, and try to gaslight Emily into thinking it was no big deal. Harvey had slept with this other girl, btw.

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The girls on Made in Chelsea deserve so much more than the boys they’re putting up with. Maeva is ready to settle down and spend her life with James – who has since proposed and she’s accepted, convenient from him. Emily and Harvey had moved in together, and Emily too had expressed feeling like this relationship was for life.

And Reza isn’t getting off that easy too. Are we forgetting that last season he pretty much made out like posting a picture on Instagram with Ruby was too much to ask?! He still hasn’t posted a picture of them together, either.

The boys on Made in Chelsea right now are more toxic than ever

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Yep, we’ve had our characters like Spencer Matthews. Plenty of Jamie Laings. Chuck in an Alex Mytton who had his fair share of controversies in his time. But, what makes these boys even worse is how they group together to hide each other’s lies, and genuinely don’t seem to know what they’re doing is wrong. At least Spencer knew he was a dick at times and owned it. Harvey really turned to Emily and said she was throwing their relationship away by breaking up with him, like it wasn’t him who cheated in the first place?! Is he ok?!

Oh, and don’t get me started on Sam Prince. I’ll come back to him another time.

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