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An investigation into what is *actually* going on with Florence Pugh and Will Poulter

Florence has clarified they’re just friends, so everyone can calm down now


On Monday a number of pictures were released by the Daily Mail of Florence Pugh and Will Poulter hanging out at the beach in Ibiza, looking so friendly with each other that half the internet is now convinced they’re dating.

They were laughing, drinking together, and Florence was seen putting suncream on Will’s back. Basically, their perceived chemistry is enough to convince everyone Zach Braff is a distant memory and Florence is now dating her former co-star.

However, what is actually going on? Are they just mates? And where is Zach Braff? This is everything you need to know about the situation:

They were celebrating their friend’s birthday together

via Instagram

The most recent photos released of Will and Florence on the beach together are part of their trip together to celebrate the opening of the Standard Hotel in Ibiza and their mutual friend, Harris Reed’s birthday.

It wasn’t just Florence and Will out there, there was a big group of them and they were all sharing photos and videos together over the weekend.

Florence shared a picture with Will and another friend on her Instagram yesterday as part of a wider slideshow, but didn’t tag him.

Florence and Will have known each other for a few years

In 2019 Florence and Will starred in the horror film Midsommar together with Florence playing the lead role of Dani and Will playing the character Mark.

They are also both part of the Marvel cinematic universe. Florence starred in the 2021 film Black Widow and Will is schedule to appear in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 next year.

Is Florence Pugh still dating Zach Braff?

via Instagram @florencepugh

After the pictures were released of Florence and Will on the beach, the number one question everyone was asking on TikTok was: “what about Zach Braff?”

Florence has been in a relationship with Scrubs actor Zach Braff since 2019. During the course of their relationship Florence has had to defend their age gap on multiple occasions – she is 26, whilst Zach is 47.

They live together in Los Angeles and share a dog together called Billie. The couple are still believed to be in a relationship and are said to be working on his new film together. In April this year she posted a number of Instagram Stories to celebrate Zach’s birthday.

Florence said she and Will are just friends

Yesterday on Instagram Florence released a statement clarifying she and Will are just friends. She said the pictures cut out images of her other friends and called out the paparazzi for trying to create images of a fake relationship.

via Instagram @florencepugh

She said: “Ooookay. Man. This is getting a little silly now. No, Will Poulter and I are not dating. We went to the beach with our friends, who are always about half a metre away from us in every picture, but have been cleverly cut out/framed out so that it looks otherwise.

“You can literally see my best friend in the corner of so many shots and Archie’s arms at the sides.

“I understand that the nature of this job is that you sometimes get your privacy completely bulldozed by the paparazzi, but to fabricate this stuff actually does more damage than good. Thanks for saying we look sexy…doesn’t mean we’re doing the sexy.”

Florence went onto call out online bullying and trolling. She said there was no need to be mean online and Will reposted the story to his own Instagram story.

She said: “On another note, a very important note. There’s no need to drag people through this. Regardless of your opinion on who I should or shouldn’t be with, at the end of the day if you’re complimenting someone by trolling another person…you’re just bullying. There’s literally no need to be horrible online – no need.

“Think about what you write. Think about who it affects.”

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