Black Widow sister quiz

QUIZ: Which iconic Black Widow sister are you, Natasha or Yelena?

We can’t all be Yelena

Black Widow is one of the best films the Marvel Cinematic Universe has sprouted in years, and it’s the special relationship between the central sisters Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova that makes it such a joy to watch. Which means it’s only natural for a highly important ‘what Black Widow sister are you’ quiz to be in existence.

Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh bounce off each other so well in Black Widow that you’d think they’d shared scenes for 20 seasons of a TV show. Their sisterhood is special, and whether it’s a familial bond rooted in truth or lies doesn’t matter in the long run because they care for each other so deeply. After years of Black Widow being in development hell due to the Marvel bigwigs being unwilling to push forward female-led superhero films because of misogynistic concerns that they would flop at the box office, it feels euphoric to watch Black Widow and celebrate the amazing strong female characters that dominate it. Even if it has come out about five years too late.

The two sisters share the same strengths and abilities, after going through the same years of unethical and rigorous training to become the lethal weapon that is the order of Widows. But personality wise? The gals are chalk and cheese. So which Black Widow sister are you really? Are you more Natasha, a natural born leader, a formidable and calculated fighter but perhaps slightly TOO uptight? Or are you more Yelena; chaotic, funny, carefree… but over emotional and potentially a liability? Are you the mum of your night out or are you the one that peaks at predrinks? Choose carefully – because what Black Widow sister you get in thiz quiz might just be the decider on if you get to come back for the sequel.

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