Taylor Swift Shakespeare quiz

QUIZ: Who said it, Taylor Swift or William Shakespeare?

Romeo taketh me somewh’re we can be high lone!

Taylor Swift is William Shakespeare reincarnated. I’m afraid that is simply an inarguable fact, and even if you don’t believe in reincarnation you would quickly be changing your mind once you press play on her discography. When you start to let the intricacies of Taylor Alison Swift’s lyricism wash over you and soak into your soul, it’s clearly apparent that she is the bard reborn. It’s the only explanation for her being the best songwriter we currently have in this world. And what better way to celebrate her prose than with a who wrote it quiz, Taylor Swift or William Shakespeare?

Folklore, Taylor Swift’s surprise 2020 album, the current reigning Grammy award winner for Album of The Year, turned one year old over the weekend. It was a record that changed THEE game when it came to her writing. Swift was always bursting with great songwriting talent, but for every All Too Well masterpiece there was a ME! to drag her songwriting standard back down into the mire. But all that changed with Folklore and its sister record Evermore, and Taylor Swift completed her evolution into William Shakespeare for the 21st century. The lyrics are frequently Shakespearean, which makes this quiz actually a lot more difficult than it might appear. Considering one writer is a modern country popstar from Pennsylvania and the other is the most famous playwright of all time who died in 1616.

Do you know your Midsummer Night’s Dream from your Last Great American Dynasty? Can you tell the lyrics of Love Story apart from the prose of Romeo and Juliet? Take this Taylor Swift or Shakespeare quiz and see if you’re a bard or a Swifty after all.

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