Who is Crystal? The mysterious ex-wife of Jessey Lee from Bling Empire

No, her Instagram bio doesn’t say she divorced a millionaire to find a billionaire like they said on the show

One of the biggest storylines in season two of Bling Empire is that Jessey Lee supposedly has a secret second family, with a woman called Crystal, and nobody is entirely sure if Cherie Chan is aware. The cast discover the second woman, and before the story can conclude, Jessey and Cherie disappeared from the show.

Cherie proposed to Jessey at the end of Bling Empire season one, and they got married in a private ceremony in France in 2021. There has been suggestion that there was an overlap in the relationships between Jessey and Cherie and his ex-wife Crystal, so what actually is going on?

Here’s everything we know about Crystal and what happened between her and Jessey.

Crystal Hoang who is the ex wife of Bling Empire star Jessey Lee

via Instagram @crystalhoang

Crystal was married to Bling Empire star Jessey Lee and they have two children

In the first episode of season two of Bling Empire, Jaime’s friend Leah tells her she believes Jessey has another family, and that Cherie had met Jessey whilst he was still with his previous wife, Crystal. The other cast members seem completely unaware that Jessey was ever previously married, and think Cherie is none the wiser too, before it is later revealed that Cherie may have known Jessey was married, and actually began their relationship during an affair.

According to the Cinemaholic, Jessey’s first wife is Crystal Hoang, and they got married in 2011. They had two children together, and filed for divorce four years later. The couple is believed to have formally divorced in 2019.

Cherie was friends with Crystal when she was married to Jessey

Crystal Hoang and Cherie Chan

Cherie and Crystal, via Instagram @crystalhoang

What’s more, Cherie is said to have been friends with Crystal when Crystal and Jessey were married. Crystal has posted pictures of them together on her Instagram, captioned “with my girl” – which is a bit awkward in hindsight, if the affair rumours are true. BUT, what makes it actually really awkward, is that in the comments section of this very picture, Crystal tagged Cherie and said: “Here’s when she was trying to befriend me when she was really trying to hook up with my husband”. YIKES.

However, Cherie has now denied there was any crossover in the two relationships. “I met Jessey in Vegas, when I was visiting with some mutual friends who I had gone to UCLA with,” she told Brides. “We didn’t talk to each other at all, but knew of each other through those friends. After his divorce, he reached out to me half a year later.”

Cherie and Jessey are believed to have started dating in 2015 – which could have been straight after Jessey split from Crystal, and the divorce proceedings were still being finalised.

Crystal Hoang who is the ex wife of Bling Empire star Jessey Lee

via Instagram @crystalhoang

Crystal is 34 and an actress

Crystal Hoang is 34-years-old and an actress from Dallas, Texas. She is the CEO and founder of Votum, a company which says it is “empowering women to create kind humans for our world”. She has 25k Instagram followers, and looks like she spends a lot of time going to fun events.

On the show, Kane and some of the other cast members go on her Instagram and say her bio reads that she has divorced a millionaire and is moving on to a billionaire. Her Instagram bio doesn’t actually say that, it now reads: “Living in gratitude & service. Polyglot. Altruistic”.

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