Christine Quinn just claimed she gets paid the most out of the Selling Sunset cast

She claimed there are three different salary tiers

Christine Quinn has claimed she is the highest paid member of the Selling Sunset cast after she used an entertainment lawyer to negotiate her fee.

Yesterday when Christine appeared on the podcast Call Her Daddy, host Alex Cooper asked her who gets paid most on the show.

Christine replied saying she did and claimed there was a tier system for the cast’s salaries, she said: “There’s three different tiers, I get paid the most, amongst Jason as well.”

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Christine went onto explain this was not a decision made by the production company but through negotiations done by her entertainment lawyer.

She said: “But that wasn’t the decision of production. That was me with my entertainment attorney basically saying this is my value. And I think it’s all about recognising your worth.”

She explained she allegedly tried to negotiate for the cast to all receive the same salary but some cast members were in a rush to get their contracts signed.

On the podcast she said: “When we were filming the show we were all trying to band together and I said ‘listen guys if we’re gonna do this and get paid the same amount of money we need to band together’. So when we went into the show, we all have separate lawyers, the majority of the cast is represented by the same lawyer, but obviously I had to find my own entertainment attorney.

“They told us there’s tiers and I was the one who went to the cast and said ‘listen if we need to get paid what I believe we deserve because we’re worth it as a whole, because we’re equals, then we need to band together and be on the same page.’ But it didn’t work, and some people were eager to sign their contracts immediately and so they were banded in a different tier.”

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Christine clarified she was the last of the cast to sign her contract for the show and every subsequent season she and her entertainment lawyer attempt to negotiate her pay.

She claimed in the first two seasons her salary wasn’t big enough to cover the glam costs for filming. She also revealed on filming days she will often wake up at 5am to get into hair and makeup and usually takes three outfits in the car to change into throughout the day.

The Tab has contacted Netflix for comment.

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