Here’s which university all of the Derry Girls characters would go to

Spoiler alert: Jenny Joyce perfectly fits the ‘Oxbridge reject’ stereotype

Derry Girls, the award-winning comedy show that’s got us all gripped at the moment, is back with its new (and sadly also its final) season. Set in 1990s Northern Ireland during The Troubles, it follows the chaotic lives of five students as they navigate the world of school, relationships, friendships, and everything in between. So, whilst we all attempt to recover from the emotional rollercoaster that was last weeks episode, its time to tackle the all-important question: which university should each Derry Girls character go to?

From the snobbish and suave aura of Durham, Cambridge or Edinburgh, to the chaotic vibes of Manchester and Nottingham, there really is a place for each Derry Girls character in the variety of UK unis on offer.

Jenny Joyce: Durham


Jenny Joyce perfectly encapsulates what it is to be a Durham university student, with her easy access to a trust fund and unwavering superiority complex giving major ex private schooler energy no matter how hard she tries to deny it.

Though Jenny may try, she unfortunately isn’t quite up to par with the Oxbridge students, perfectly rendering her to the notorious Oxbridge Reject title that has haunted Durham students for decades.

Erin: Nottingham


Erin’s main-character energy and impeccable people-watching skills perfectly situate her in the campus uni that is Nottingham. Constantly surrounded by rugby boys and goss, Erin’s favourite past times would include frequently updating her diary, going slightly overboard on the £1 tequila shots at Ocean Wednesdays and causing absolute havoc at a concerning number of Lenton house parties.

Michelle: Leeds

From her scarily chaotic energy and lack of filter, to her inability to recognise when getting absolutely paralytic doesn’t quite fit the vibe, Michelle is the starter pack Leeds student who would be found drinking to her hearts content in Hyde Park at the drop of a hat. Here for a good time not a long time, uni lecturers are nothing but a distant memory.

Aunt Sarah: Newcastle


The Newcastle nightlife would be Aunt Sarah’s dream. Getting dressed up in a PLT mini-dress and heels, ready to hit up Slug & Lettuce and Insta boomerang her pornstar martini to her heart’s content, she’d slot right into the Geordie lifestyle in no time.

Gerry: York

A simple, unproblematic king, Gerry just wants to be somewhere peaceful and remain entirely undisturbed (especially by Grandpa Joe), thus making the picturesque, quiet and ultimately uneventful town of York a perfect spot.

Claire: Exeter


Perfectly suited to the ease of a campus uni (god forbid she has to navigate a public-transport system or walk a city’s streets alone at night), Claire would undoubtedly make herself a permanent resident at the 24/7 library, downing 50 cans of energy drinks to keep her going as she embarks on her weekly essay crisis and inevitable panic-induced existential breakdown.

James: Edinburgh

James’ simple inability to interact with the female species means Edinburgh’s 63 per cent female population would be a perfect fit. He’s no stranger to a bit of harsh English criticism, making the occasional snide remark or critique by the Scots all part of a day’s work, whilst the over-bearing Englishness and rah energy of Pollock are ideal.

Sister Michael: Cambridge


Let’s be honest, no uni is really up to the high standards of Sister Michael, but the number one top UK university will have to do. Completely unbothered by the Oxford vs Cambridge divide or the annual boat race, you’ll find her in the chapel completely engrossed in her favourite book, The Exorcist.

David Donnelly: Loughborough

Mysterious and aloof, David Donnelly could only really end up as somewhere as irrelevant and unexciting as Loughborough. Only making it into about three scenes across both season one and two combined, he’d certainly be unlikely to want a uni of rich nightlife or culture, making Loughborough’s one nightclub the perfect fit.

Orla: Bath

Her absolutely iconic talent show sport-esque performance and overly-energetic presence means the sporty uni of Bath would suit Orla perfectly. She’d be found strutting the streets of Bath in leg-warmers and vibrant jackets that would be enough to scare anyone from a mile off.

Dennis: Warwick

Sick and tired of everyone and simply at uni to get a degree and nothing else, Dennis would thrive at a uni as quiet and deserted as Warwick. Simply migrating to and from the library and nothing else, he’d be an absolute nightmare to end up in a Zoom break out room with due to his seeming inability to engage in a conversation lasting any longer than 20 seconds.

Ma Marry: Sussex


Incapable of dealing with drama or stress, Ma Mary seems more suited to the more simple uni life, making the coastal uni town of Brighton with its picturesque streets and calming sea air an ideal spot.

However, her new-found love of learning would inevitably render her a library prisoner as she, like us all, enters into the warzone battlefield of attempting to find a seat in exam season.

Derry Girls continues on Channel 4 at 9pm every Tuesday. You stream the series here.

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