Here are all of the famous faces we’ve seen in Derry Girls season three so far

Liam Neeson was in it AGAIN!!


Derry Girls ended last night after the special episode aired – and what better way to mourn the loss of an iconic show than having a recap of every famous cameo in the cast. Seriously Lisa McGee truly spoilt us this season. I mean the first was Liam Neeson, how WILD is that?? Here’s a run down of every single famous face we have seen in each episode of Derry Girls season three.

Liam Neeson – episode one

I always knew Liam Neeson was destined to be a Derry Girl. Having the third season kick start with Liam as Chief Constable Byers was nothing short of perfection. He played a senior police officer who questioned Erin and the gang after a dodgy mix-up with some stolen school computers. The whole scene had some major Line of Duty vibes and fans loved it.

The Spice Girls – episode two

Okay you got me! The Spice Girls obviously weren’t in Derry Girls but their performances were scarily good. You can relive the show stopping moment (and the wee English fella as Posh Spice) here.

Amy Huberman – episode three

The first famous face to appear in episode three was Amy Huberman who played Tara, a train ticket seller who talks loudly on the phone about her personal sex life.

Sinéad Keenan episode three

Sinéad’s character really pulled the episode together. As James, Erin, Orla and Michelle board their train to Portrush, James gets his rucksack mixed up and lifts the wrong one to discover Taytos, cash and a gun inside. The group presume it belongs to a great big tattooed, vest-wearing bloke and return it but Orla eats the crisps.

It’s then revealed Sinéad’s character is actually an ex-convict and a childhood pal of Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah – Aideen. Sinéad is known for her dramatic TV roles but clearly comedy is natural for her – fans were dying of laughter when it was revealed the gun rucksack was actually hers and she was fuming someone nicked her Tayto.

Michael Fry – episode three

Michael Fry plays the trolley dolly whose main goal is to ensure the friends do not get their favourite snacks. So good.

Miles Chapman – episode four

Miles Chapman played a soldier who quizzed the five friends on why they were trying to pass into Donegal with a wee English fella.

Derry Girls cast

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Conleth Hill – episode four

Conleth played local psychic Carlos Santini. The Quinns hope he can help them make contact with the spirit of their mother, Granda Joe’s late wife. You might recognise Conleth Hill from shows like Peter Kay’s Car Share where he played a pissed up Smurf. Conleth was also in Game of Thrones for a few years playing Varys!!

Alex Gaumond – episode five

The Canadian actor Alex played Deirdre Mallon’s Canadian cousin. The Irish mammies and Granda Joe all kept mistaking him from being an American though, despite knowing him since 1977. Alex is famous for his work in theatre, specifically Miss Trunchball in Matilda on the West End.

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Tobias Beer – episode five

Tobias played the iconic and silent husband of Janet Joyce (formerly O’Shea), Richard. And it turns out he’s Lisa McGee’s husband in real life! So this was an extra special cameo.

Fat Boy Slim – episode six

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Fat Boy Slim appeared at the end of season three in Derry to deliver the greatest Halloween festival of all time!! Obsessed!

Liam Neeson – Special episode

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Liam Neeson made his first appearance in episode one season three playing Chief Constable Byers. He then reappeared at the end of the special episode as Byders voting in the referendum.

Chelsea Clinton – Special episode

via Channel 4

Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee revealed she originally wrote Chelsea’s cameo in the script to amuse herself. Lisa also said at the Channel 4 preview, she wrote a letter to Chelsea when she was a teenager asking her to come to the cinema with her. So when Chelsea agreed to be in Derry Girls Lisa’s head exploded.

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