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Here’s ALL the tea you’ve missed since MAFS Australia season nine ended

Erm, why did the creator call the cast ‘underwhelming’?

Well, looks like MAFS Australia is over for another series. It was pretty much as drama-filled, chaotic and unhinged as I expected it to be – plus things took a bit of a dark turn, didn’t they?

Hardly anyone managed to stay together after the final reunion, and as usual, people have been recoupling with other contestants behind our backs. So, here’s every single drop of tea you’ve missed out on since MAFS Australia season nine ended:

Olivia says MAFS ruined her life

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Olivia Frazer found herself in some seriously hot water when she shared a nude photo of co-star Domenica Calarco with the rest of the cast. Viewers called her a “villain” and accused her of sharing revenge porn.

The 28-year-old teaching assistant actually lost her job after the controversy, and admitted on the No Filter podcast she hit “rock bottom.” According to the Daily Mail, angry viewers managed to find her personal contact details readily online, and she was hit with a number of death threats.

Cody’s relationship with Selina ‘felt forced’

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They decided to stay together on the final episode, but Cody and Selina confessed at the MAFS season nine reunion they’d split just hours later. While Selina had started making plans for the pair to move in together, Cody later admitted the relationship felt “forced” and he didn’t see a future with her.

MAFS boss said he found the cast ‘underwhelming’


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Can you believe it? Adrian Swift, Nine Network’s head of content, initially said he felt “underwhelmed” by this year’s cast – but he backtracked when the drama with Olivia began.

“This season we were actually a bit underwhelmed by the cast,” he said. “One of the great contentious characters this year, Olivia, we just thought she was the sweetest kid in the world. How wrong were we?”

Olivia and Jackson are still together

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Despite, like, EVERYTHING, Olivia and on-screen husband Jackson are still together today. He even moved from Melbourne to New South Wales, just so the couple could move in together. Every cloud, I guess?

Ella and Brett are potentially dating

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Although they were coupled up with other people during the show, Ella and Brett have supposedly started seeing each other. He told New Idea: “Me and Ella have spoken. We are really, really close.” Umm, what does THAT mean?

Brett continued, “we’ve had the conversation that if we had been matched, things would’ve turned out amazingly and we were a lot more suited.”

Ella’s no longer on talking terms with Mitch

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In a move which shocked approximately no-one (can’t teach an old dog new tricks), Mitch decided at the last minute he wouldn’t be able to commit to Ella, despite everything going perfectly. The couple decided to split somewhere between the final episode and after the reunion, and are now seeing other people.

Ella said after the reunion, contact with Mitch began to “drop off,” and they’re no longer on talking terms. Maybe he just has someone else on his mind?

Mitch and Tamara are reportedly seeing each other

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Mitch and Tamara have been attending events together, taking pics together and basically just looking very coupley. While neither of them have confirmed anything yet, they’ve been spotted looking cosy at various bars around the Gold Coast.

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