365 Days: This Day is being absolutely ripped to shreds on Rotten Tomatoes

One review simply calls it ‘piping hot trash’

This week, Netflix dropped the hotly anticipated sequel to erotic movie 365 Days. Everyone knows that the film is basically all sex with subtle notes of an actual plot, but 365 Days: This Day is getting absolutely ripped into on Rotten Tomatoes for just how awful it is.

The film pretty much follows on from where the first one left off, apart from seemingly skipping over the fact that at the end of the first movie we thought Laura was dead. She’s not, and having recovered from the accident just fine, is now married to Massimo. A lot of sex follows, and then the main plot is that Laura believes Massimo has cheated on her with a former flame, and Laura runs off with the new gardener, equally as dangerously sexy, Nacho.

The plot truly is thinner than ever, and the film is basically an extended music video with loads of sex scenes. And critics on reviews website Rotten Tomatoes aren’t holding back with their opinions. The film currently has a pretty shocking rating of a big fat 0 per cent, as all five current reviews have placed it in the “rotten” category. This makes 365 Days: This Day the lowest scoring things on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment.

Netflix movie 365 Days: This Day has awful reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

via Netflix

One review, notably from one of the website’s top critics, says the sequel film is simply “piping hot trash.” Another calls it “truly terrible stuff”, adding: “This blandly horny sequel tries in vain to distance itself from its predecessor’s icky foundations, and while its sub-telenovela plot is outrageous enough to be perversely entertaining, by any standard metric it’s truly terrible stuff.”

“As difficult as it might be to believe, it’s even worse than the first movie,” another critic has said. “But it goes down easier, because much of the first film’s ugly side has been smoothed away.” Another adds: “What you really need to know is that the sequel to 365 Days is just as full of sex montages set to pop music, includes a couple of scenes that’ll raise an eyebrow, and has a standard of acting and writing that might charitably be described as appalling.” Savage.

But, it’s not like 365 Days isn’t used to this kind of treatment – when the first film came out that got 0 per cent too. Yikes.

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