365 Days: This Day ending explained, and what that final scene means

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t THAT

365 Days is back with a sequel, and that means one thing and one thing only: A film full of loads of sex and very little plot. However, 365 Days: This Day did have a very explosive ending, which has left a lot to be explained and, despite the film being basically about nothing, has pretty much ensured we will be waiting on tenterhooks for a third instalment.

In the second film, we see Laura has survived the threat on her life at the end of the first film, and she and Massimo get married. A lot of sex follows, and then the main plot is that Laura believes Massimo has cheated on her with his former flame Anna, and Laura runs off with the new gardener, equally as dangerously sexy, Nacho.

But then it all goes a bit rogue. Is Nacho a good guy or a bad guy? What happened with the other woman Anna? Did Laura die?! The ending of 365 Days: This Day was pretty dramatic, so there’s no surprise it needs to be explained and unpacked.

The ending of the sequel movie 365 Days: This Day on Netflix explained and if Laura died

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Here’s the ending of 365 Days: This Day explained

At the end of the film, Nacho takes Laura to a location in Spain. There, Massimo is having a meeting with Don Fernando Matos – a Spanish crime boss who is Massimo’s rival. He says Massimo is taking power of his Italian mafia family too far, and suggests his twin brother take over the role of head of the family. By this point, we have already worked out that Massimo didn’t cheat on Laura, and his loose canon twin brother was actually who we saw having sex with Anna.

We find out Nacho might not be all he has seemed, and he is actually the son of Don Fernando Matos and the Spanish crime family led Laura to Nacho, in order to taunt Massimo and get him to hand over the power to his twin, Adriano. The plan kind of goes a bit wrong, when Laura ends up being left with the wrong bodyguard and is now in the hands of Adriano himself. This bubbles up into a huge standoff between Massimo, Nacho, Anna and Adriano – who is holding Laura.

The ending of the sequel movie 365 Days: This Day on Netflix explained and if Laura died

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Then, Laura breaks free and everyone starts shooting everyone. Anna shoots Laura, Nacho shoots Anna and Massimo shoots his brother Adriano. So, who is dead and what does this all mean? If you really want spoilers, Laura doesn’t appear to die. Netflix has already announced a third film is coming and that actress Anna-Maria Sieklucka will return as Laura. So it looks like another 365 Days film ending, another time we think Laura is dead but she isn’t. Anna and Adriano mind you? Yeah, probably dead.

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