These 23 Anthony Bridgerton memes are the bane of my existence and object of my desires

Will I ever be over him? Probably not

Since season two was released, it’s pretty safe to say we have all been in a chokehold over Anthony Bridgerton. How can one man ooze so much charisma and sexiness? When he told Kate she is the bane of his existence and the object of his desires I really felt it, because honestly Anthony hun, same. I want to be a Viscountess? I think I could do it? I love him? We are a world obsessed, and the influx of Anthony Bridgerton memes there have been since the show dropped prove that.

I’ve rewatched his scenes with Kate an unhealthy amount, thought about every word he’s ever said since he ushered them and the screenshot of him coming out the lake is my phone wallpaper. When I say obsessed, I mean it. Here are all the best memes from Bridgerton season two, all about the one and only Anthony Bridgerton. You are so, so welcome.

1. I can’t deal

2. We are very grateful x

3. Pretty much

The best memes and reactions to Anthony Bridgerton in season two on Netflix

4. I’m not sorry

5. He KNOWS what he is doing!!!!

6. I would end it all

7. From this moment there was no going back

The best memes and reactions to Anthony Bridgerton in season two on Netflix

8. And that’s the tweet

9. Accurate x

10. Breathe if you agree

11. This is all I want in life

12. Always x



15. This moment was so subtle but so perfect, wow

16. Looooool

17. Thanks very much x


19. Suddenly I have forgotten all about the Duke

20. I’m sorry, but yes

21. I mean, where is the lie?

22. Will I ever be over this? Probably not

23. It’s the DEVELOPMENT for me

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