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Elle Darby’s clothing brand has released a statement and fans are begging her to come back

‘We are nothing without you’

It’s been a good few months since Elle Darby and Connor Swift left the internet following a collection of their offensive tweets resurfacing after a decade. She has lost thousands of followers and entirely disappeared completely off the internet until this week when her clothing company, Angelle which she and Connor established in 2019, released a statement to those who have previously purchased items from them.

A few days ago, someone on TikTok posted this video showing an email from Angelle Collection, Elle Darby’s clothing brand. It says: “As you are likely to know, our founders were recently at the front of public media criticism for past comments. Much like all of you, the team and supporting members of our Angelle and SWFT operations were disappointed and do not support the words that were shared. Elle and Connor have made their statements of apology and are taking some time away from social media.”

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The statement continues: “Angelle and SWFT employ and support a team of people, who continue to be committed to the original core values; positivity, community and inclusivity. We are grateful for your support since the brands started. We are nothing without you; the community that joined our journey. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. During this difficult time, the customer service team has dealt with a large volume of messages over the last eight weeks. We have done our very best to respond to everyone, answer questions and manage exchanges and refunds. Thank you for your patience during this time.

“We have taken the last few months to reflect on how we manage our business and understand what we can change, and we will be making changes going forward.” It then ends signing off with “The Angelle and SWFT team”. However, for the first time since December 29 2021, Angelle posted on Instagram showcasing some items in their new collection and the comments are full of people calling for Elle Darby to return to the internet.

One of the top comments says: “We all make mistakes, you have made mistakes, I have made mistakes, they have made mistakes. Hope Elle feels comfortable enough to come back soon. It’s not as if they didn’t say sorry, could understand if Elle had stood by the comments she said but she apologised and acknowledged she did wrong.”

Another comment says: “Lots of keyboard warriors in the comments. If you don’t support someone or their business, just don’t support them. Don’t waste your energy posting negative comments.”

Someone else on TikTok posted this video where they shared that Elle no longer restricts her comment sections. And similarly to Angelle, Elle Darby’s comment sections are full of people begging her to return to social media. In Elle’s most recent post from back in December, someone commented: “Please come back. This will all blow over and no one will remember. Soon they will find something to hate. Please, the longer you leave it the harder it will be for you. I hope you, Connor and Saint are all okay and happy.”

Another person wrote on Elle’s Instagram: “Your racist tweets did affect me. But only because I didn’t expect that from you. However, it was a long time ago. I just hope you’ve learned from that. Everyone deserves a second chance.” Someone else said Elle should try to forgive herself and move forward. They commented: “Just checking on here to see if you’ve posted anything. Just to let you know you are missed, you are loved and you are forgiven. We all say and do stupid things especially when we are young, recognising mistakes and apologising for them is what is important and allows you to move forward. Forgive yourself and move forward hun, we miss you.”

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