Aitch and Amelia dating

Now Amelia and Aitch are *finally* together, here’s a timeline of their relationship so far

I knew when she told him he looked like a prawn on Chicken Shop Date it was meant to be

No reveal in 2022 has quite had the same level of public euphoria as Amelia Dimoldenberg and Aitch seemingly confirming the much hyped rumours that they’re dating (or in a relationship) as true. The two are unlikely lovers. Aitch, the cocky, Mancunian, extremely charming rapper practically radiating cheekiness and then the dry and sardonic Amelia – who’s made her name via Chicken Shop Date where she famously dryly dates some of the most famous names in the entertainment industry, making them crack up whilst she barely breaks into a smirk. But somehow, the two’s fizzling chemistry has had fans clamouring after the two dating since the beginning – with everyone shipping and stanning the pairing before the rumours went into overdrive.

With Aitch and Amelia seemingly confirming their dating status with their recent social media posts, here’s a quick timeline of the two’s history that shows exactly why everyone’s been gagging for this to happen since the two shared a box of chicken and chips.

You could cut the Chicken Shop Date sexual tension with a knife

In 2019, Aitch and Amelia had their Chicken Shop Date – and honestly? The rest was history. Aitch and Amelia seemed to have a real chemistry as he knocked back her trademark dry lines and even weathered her declaring he looked like a prawn. Which was an observation I’d never considered, but can’t deny rings kind of true. I can’t unsee Aitch’s shrimpy features now.

It’s one of Amelia’s most popular Chicken Shop Date episodes, and the tension is absolutely crackling throughout it. You can’t help it when you watch it to want them to chuck the nuggets on the floor and neck off. Even if they lowkey look related.

Rumours reignited on the Brit Awards red carpet

@_noautotune @aitch12 @ameliadimz #xyzcba #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #aitch #uk #funny #funnyvideos ♬ original sound – _noautoune

During the Brit Awards coverage Amelia was doing for YouTube shorts, she interviewed Aitch on the red carpet. It was flirty af, with Aitch jokingly proclaiming his love and Amelia saying he should get to know her more then. Even though the vibe of the interview was jokes, everyone watching it could feel the spark and the video got a lot of comments hoping the two would actually date further.

The Aitch TikTok dates mystery saga

@aitch12 Went on a date, this is how it went 😄, should I ask for a second date???🤔 #datenight #fyp ♬ Baby – Aitch & Ashanti

Over the last couple of weeks, Aitch has been vlogging mysterious dates on TikTok. The first one was to an American diner, where Aitch and his mystery blonde date shared a massive ice cream sundae – complete with flirty spoon shares and creamy nose splodges.

@aitch12 You already know I had to go on a 2nd date cause we enjoyed the first😁 #fyp #datenight #restaurant ♬ Baby – Aitch & Ashanti

Date two was asian fusion food, and Aitch roasted his date for being crap with chopsticks. I did spy some prawns in the mix – big hints of what was to come.

@aitch12 Yeah you guessed it, f*** off now #fyp @ameliadimz ♬ Baby – Aitch & Ashanti

Date three confirmed that the girl in the Aitch videos had been Amelia all along, fuelling full on conversation that this was CONFIRMATION that the two are dating and/or in a relationship. However, it is sadly here we must note that all of these videos were soundtracked by Aitch’s upcoming single Baby. Is this all a big PR stunt to promote the single?

Everyone on Twitter is obsessed and needs answers

If it is all a big PR move, then a job well done, to be honest. Because social media is alive and obsessed everyone wants it to be true.

So, there’s the complete timeline of Aitch and Amelia Dimoldenberg’s dating or confirmed relationship rumours. What do you think? True love or PR stunt? Amelia has recently commented “Ooooft” on Aitch’s new picture promoting Baby, fuelling fires even further. I need confirmation that this love is REAL.

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