Build a pancake and we’ll tell you what uni you should have gone to

Sorry but blueberry pancakes are SO Exeter

Happy Pancake Day! Pancakes are a national institution, and quite rightfully – they’re just so damn good. But the thing about pancakes is, you just have SO many options. Once you’ve surpassed the first big query of savoury or sweet pancakes (if you get savoury, you’re a heathen), you’re still left with an endless amount of choices. Lemon and sugar? Chocolate? Fruit? Chocolate and fruit? Quite possibly the hardest choice you will ever make.

Every single pancake topping and decision has a definite vibe, just like every single uni in the country has a definite vibe. Exeter is painfully basic, just like blueberry pancakes – the safe option. Durham is boujee af and could only accept a pancake topping that came from Waitrose, and don’t even think about asking them to flip their own pancake, they have staff for that dahling. York is wholesome and traditional – every single student there belongs on Bake Off, and they think lemon and sugar is the best thing since sliced bread.

But what university do you really belong at? Take this quiz, build a pancake and we’ll tell you what uni you should have gone to based on your pancake vibes:

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