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These are the wildest Euphoria season two finale fan theories

The internet is convinced a character will die in the finale

Euphoria season two is coming to an end this Sunday, and the internet has been going wild with theories of how the season will end.

Many argue that Euphoria isn’t the sort of show that should be theorised about as “this isn’t Riverdale”. However, fans just haven’t been able to help themselves and although some fan theories are just too crazy to be true (eg. Kat has schizophrenia, Ashtray is the missing Jacobs child) some actually do have merit.

Here are all of the best theories for the upcoming season finale:

Rue dies

The theory that Rue dies, or is already dead, has been popular before season two was even released. Since Rue narrates the show in past tense, she has a sort of omniscient presence, knowing details about the other characters lives that she wasn’t actually there to see.

Plus, Rue and Jules have drawn comparisons to Romeo and Juliet. This has led many fans to speculate that Rue will die at some point in the series, and the show is the events leading up to her death.

However, it’s unlikely that this will happen in the season two finale – with the show renewed for another season and Rue shown sober and well at Lexi’s play, it doesn’t seem like she’ll die – yet.

Fez or Ashtray dies

This is the most popular theory for the finale. In the trailer, we see blood, police sirens and Fez lying on the floor screaming. We also see a gun, held by an unidentified male.

Fans have deduced from this that Fez’s house gets raided by police as a result of Faye and her boyfriend cooperating with the police. This is why Fez couldn’t make it to Lexi’s play, and many think that Fez or Ash will be killed. This even supports the Romeo and Juliet links to Jules’ relationship, as in the play, Mercutio (Romeo’s best friend) is the first to die.

Taking note of the blood on the floor, it seems very plausible that either Fez or Ashtray will be killed, or at least shot, by police at the end of the season. Sob.

Ashtray gets taken by child protective services

More optimistic viewers have theorised that although Fez will get raided, no one will die and instead, Ashtray will be taken away by child protective services. Ashtray’s actor Daelo Jin Walton’s name also doesn’t appear in the season three cast online, which adds credit to this theory, or the one of him dying.

Although it would be heart-wrenching to see the bond between Fez and Ash broken like this, I think we can all agree it’s a much better alternative to one of them dying.

Fez makes it to Lexi’s play

I really hope this one’s true – the more eagle-eyed fans have spotted Fez’s bouquet of flowers lying on the stage in the finale trailer, prompting them to believe that he makes it to the play.

Yes, it could just be a similar bouquet but I really hope that Fez does make it because Fexi have stolen my heart, and quite frankly, haven’t been given the screen time they deserve.

Lexi, Cassie and Maddie have an on-stage fight

In the trailer, we can see Maddie, Cassie and Lexi screaming while on stage and audience members such as Jules looking shocked and pulling out their phones for a cheeky video. This has fuelled the theory that at the end of the play when Lexi is taking her bow, Cassie gets up on stage to fight her sister, prompting Maddie to jump to Lexi’s defence.

Given Cassie’s Joker-esque moment in the girls toilets in episode seven and the amount of evidence in the trailer, this is definitely the most likely theory on this list. Plus, if I’m honest, Maddie deserves her revenge.

Nate calls the police on…someone?

This is less of a theory, more of an observation because fans haven’t really had enough to go off. In the trailer, Nate can be seen standing in what looks like a warehouse while his face is lit up by police sirens.

So, we know for sure that Nate is somehow involved with the police in the finale – but how? Does he call them on Fez? Cal? Lexi? Maybe her play was humiliating but illegal? I don’t think so.

Whatever happens, I just hope we don’t have to wait very long for series three.

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