These 16 wholesome Kanye West memes are absolutely Jeen-Yuhs

HUGE main character energy

Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy was released on 16th February – and the first instalment definitely didn’t disappoint. Director Coodie Simmons gave us an intimate glimpse into Kanye’s struggle to get a foot in the door. There were unbeatable highs, crushing lows and at times it was pretty frustrating to watch.

From tear-jerking moments with his mum to Kanye desperately playing his track for everyone in the Roc-a-fella Records office, the documentary was intense and moving.

Thankfully, Twitter was there to provide some comic relief. Some moments made for good-quality meme material, and these 16 in particular were the highlights:

1. I’m definitely not crying, you are

2. One of the sweetest moments in Netflix history

3. Filled with regrets

4. Through The (retainer) Wire

5. Fools!!!

6. As if he went and played it to every receptionist in every room

7. Who knew this would be so emotional?

8. BEYONCÉ?!?!?

9. I miss the retainer Kanye

10. But will she be in the other two parts?? I need ANSWERS

11. Same energy as ‘you’ve been joined by a beautiful lady’

12. Find someone as dedicated to you as Coodie is to Kanye

13. That wasn’t very Jeen-Yuhs of him x

14. Need more stories about little Kanye singing at talent shows pls

15. He actually manifested his dream career

16. Just need to ring up my mate and get her to follow me around with a camera

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