These are the Russell Group unis where staff are getting the highest pay

Meanwhile staff at unis all across the country are currently striking

Staff pay in higher education is a topical issue at the moment and this week, 68 universities across the UK began striking over pay and pensions. The strikes are expected to last until the 2nd March.

The University and College Union (UCU) is calling on employers to scrap the 35 per cent cut to staff pensions and to give all staff a £2.5k pay rise to combat “unmanageable workloads, pay inequality and insecure contracts across the sector”.

However, new stats produced by HESA as part of their Higher Education Staff Data release, reveal detailed breakdowns of staff salaries at different universities.

Out of all 24 Russell Group universities, LSE pay the most staff (53.85 per cent) the highest salary band. Sheffield only pay 17.93 per cent of their staff the highest pay bracket – the lowest out of all the Russell Group uni’s.

The salary bands are divided into six sections:

  1. Below £19,612
  2. Between £19,612 and £25,941
  3. Between £25,941 and £34,804
  4. Between £34,804 and £46,718
  5. Between £46,718 and £62,727
  6. Above £62,727

The Tab analysed the data to find out which Russell Group universities are providing their staff with the highest pay. The table below shows the percentage of staff at each university being paid over £62,727 per year.

These are the Russell Group universities paying their staff the highest salary:

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