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‘Ageism is a fine thing’: Amy Anzel lashes out at Lord Sugar after ‘unfair’ firing

She’s grateful to ‘my Twitter gays’ though x

Amy Anzel was the latest candidate to be booted from The Apprentice last night (10th February), and it’s safe to say she isn’t happy about it.

This week’s task was to devise a historical tour from beginning to end – including selling tickets, earning commission from products and keeping customers interested. After failing to put herself forward as PM for the sixth week running – as well as losing out on tons of ticket sales – Lord Sugar decided he’d had enough of the self-proclaimed “gay icon.”

Like other candidates, Amy barely stood up for herself while Lord Sugar was in the middle of firing her. But she had plenty to say on Twitter – including accusing the business mogul of discrimination.

“Being Vice President isn’t dodging being President,” Amy said. “Ageism and anti-Americanism are a fine thing.”

Amy dragged Lord Sugar for not giving her the same opportunities as her male colleague, Nick Showering. “I mean, @Lord_Sugar told Nick he HAD to be PM in Week 3… surely I deserved the chance to be PM to prove myself before being fired?” she said. “Seems unfair considering in the past 10 years a candidate has NEVER been fired for not putting themselves up in Week 7 or 8.”

Twitter users weren’t having it. “Think you were lucky to make it to week six,” one person said. “So why didn’t you put yourself up this week?” said another.

Lord Sugar responded with a takedown Tweet, in typical fashion. “I think if I came up with a task of the life and times of Amy Anzel she would still be sub team leader,” he said.

Choosing to ignore the naysayers, Amy then presented her following with a present from “my gays” – an cookie iced with the hashtag #LoveMyGays.


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