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These are all the real life filming locations from season four of The Sinner

The final series is back on Netflix

The Sinner is back for its fourth and final season on Netflix. The series is bringing its classic moody, mysterious vibe whilst Detective Harry Ambrose solves yet another case. This time the show moves to a fishing island in Maine, but where were the actual filming locations for this season of The Sinner?

Season four of The Sinner sees Detective Ambrose visit a small fishing village with his partner Sonya. There he sees local resident Percy Muldoon jump off the edge of a cliff. The investigation into her disappearance becomes the focus of the series.

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The eight part series is set against a backdrop of an east coast beach vibe full of rough cliff edges, fishing boats and dense forests. It’s supposed to be Hanover in Maine, the northernmost state in the USA, however the series was actually filmed in Nova Scotia in Canada.

Filming on location began for the series in April 2021. The primary location was Lunenburg in Nova Scotia which is on the east coast of Canada.

Lunenburg was chosen as it has its own fishing industry which could be used to replicate the feel of Maine.

The port town itself was used for many shots as well as the village of Chester and the town of Mahone Bay. The team shot at a number of waterfront locations including Hubbards Beach.

Lunenburg is a Unesco World Heritage site and was founded in 1753. It currently has a population around 2,200 and during filming of the series, a number of residents were concerned with the show being made there due to the pandemic.

The crew and cast all went through a 14 day quarantine before entering the region and regularly tested throughout filming.

These are the exact filming locations of The Sinner season four:

The restaurant

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The Golden Fish restaurant is frequently visited throughout the series and is filmed at a real restaurant called Big Red’s Family Restaurant.

The first place Harry mets Percy

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Detective Ambrose first meets Percy within the first five minutes of the show by the water. This scene was filmed at the end of Bluenose Drive.

The Muldoon Fish Company

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The Muldoons basically run the small fishing village and their fishing company is actually filmed at The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenburg.

The cliff where Percy jumps

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The main action of The Sinner begins when Harry sees Percy jump off the edge of a cliff. The filming of these cliff scenes took place near the Thunder Cave in an 180 acre park called Ovens Natural Park.

The Knot Pub

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The pub Detective Ambrose asks the locals about Percy in is a real pub in Lunenburg located at 4 Dufferin Street.

The mall

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During episode three we see Percy working at a shopping mall in the mainland. The scenes for this store were filmed in Park Lane Mall in Halifax in Canada.

The church

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The outside of the church in season four was filmed at St. John’s Anglican Church. However the interior shots were filmed at a different church called St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Lunenburg.

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