Who was Messai Mkria? The person season two of Cheer on Netflix is dedicated to

They died in December

The second series of Cheer provides an extremely dramatic end to what has been a tense and tough couple of years at Navarro. The final episode of Cheer season two sees this year’s Daytona competition draw to a close and the long-awaited results come in. At the end of the closing credits, the season of the show is dedicated to Messai Mkria – a person very close to the Cheer family.

This may have left you wondering exactly who they were, and what they meant to Cheer on Netflix. So here’s a full explainer of who Messai Mkria was and why season two of Cheer was dedicated to them.

Who was Messai Mkria who season two of Cheer on Netflix is dedicated to

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Messai Mkria worked at Netflix, on shows including Cheer

At the very end of season two, a tribute card comes up on screen saying “In memory of Messai Mkria”. Messai Mkria worked as a Lead Assistant Editor at Netflix. According to LinkedIn, he worked on Cheer and Last Chance U. Previous to this, Messai worked as an Assistant Editor at HBO.

He died on December 27th 2021, just a month before the new season of Cheer aired on Netflix. Messai was aged just 34 and his cause of death is unknown. Tributes to him have called him a “genius”, “angel” and “the kindest man I have ever met” with “the best spirit”.

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