Ok so what happened with Maddy Brum from Cheer’s father and what did he do?

She says she found out about his crime from an online article


Season two of Cheer is here, and it follows the Navarro cheerleaders on their way to Daytona. One of the focuses in season two of Cheer is with Navarro team member Maddy Brum, who says her father was in prison when she was a child. She recalls that her mother told her he was away with work, but she began questioning this because he had a been away for so long.

Later in the show, Maddy says it was an online article when she Googled her father’s name which led her to the full story. Here’s what the article says, and what had actually happened.

*This article contains details of sexual assault*

What happened with George Brum the father of Maddy Brum in Cheer and why he was in prison explained

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What happened with Maddy Brum from Cheer and her father, and what did he do to end up in prison?

In Cheer, Maddy Brum has shared a lot about her childhood and what growing up was like for her. She says her father went away when she was young, and she was always told this had been for work. She then says she later found out from an online article that her father was in prison and that it was for rape.

The article was in the Sun Journal, and was about a man called George Brum. The article is from January 2006, and says the man had been sentenced for the rape of a 31-year-old woman. George Brum, also 31, had argued it was consensual and he and his lawyer were aiming to appeal the conviction. Maddy was born in 2002, so would have been aged four or five when the incident took place.

The attack took place in the woman’s apartment and Brum was  sentenced to prison for a minimum of seven years. Jurors are said to have deliberated for less than one day in convicting Brum of three counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and one felonious sexual assault charge.

The report concludes that the judge sentenced Brum to 10 to 20 years, but ruled that the last two years could be suspended if Brum successfully completed anger management, batterer’s and sex offender treatment programmes. He also received a further, suspended, 10-20 year sentence to be served consecutively.

Now, Maddy’s father has been released but he cannot move from state to state as part of his parole rulings. This is most likely down to his suspended sentences. Therefore, he cannot watch Maddy compete in cheer competitions.

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