Holly from new Too Hot To Handle nearly went on Love Island instead

‘I respectfully declined’ 👀

We’ve only just met the new cast of Too Hot To Handle, but it’s already looking like it could have been very different for one of them – as Holly has said she was approached to go on Love Island.

The 23-year-old student and model has joined the cast of season three of the Netflix show, but in an interview with Digital Spy says it was the Love Island producers who got to her first. However, she turned down their offer, saying at the time she couldn’t see herself going on reality TV.

Too Hot To Handle season three star Holly says she turned down Love Island

via Instagram @hollyscarfone

Speaking to the publication, she said: “I was actually approached to do Love Island like a couple years ago, the US one, for season one, and I respectfully declined. I just… I couldn’t imagine myself on a reality show, believe it or not. This one kind of came and fell into my lap, and I was just in the headspace of ‘why not?’ Right? Like you live once, experience life and here I am.

“I was in a different spot a couple years ago, I was also a lot younger. Like, I’m only 23 now, but I was just in the headspace of you know, I wanted to experience something new and, you know, why not meet a bunch of new people and have a new experience? And you know, it really did pay off. It really did.”

Holly says her dream is to “have boyfriends all over the globe”, which may explain her change in heart from declining Love Island to go on international dating show, Too Hot To Handle. “Maybe if there’s a couple of guys fighting over me, I might love it a little bit,” she says in her intro video for the show.

I guess we’ll have to watch this space to see how she gets on. 👀

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