These are the most expensive UK cities to rent in

Shock! They’re all uni cities

In the latest shock of the century, it turns out that eight out of the 10 most expensive cities to rent an apartment in the UK in are all uni cities.

So yes, students really are being rinsed out of way more rent money than they would if they lived and went to uni in – say –  Bradford, where rent is a quarter of the price it is in London.

Research by analysed the most populated cities in the UK and used data to find which cities in the UK are most expensive to rent in. The analysis was based on prices for one bedroom apartments and three bedroom apartments both in the city centre and outside of the city.

The cheapest out of all 10 most expensive cities to rent in is Manchester, still with an average price of £969.76 a month. Wouldn’t exactly call that a bargain though.

Unsurprisingly, London was revealed to be the priciest city for tenants to rent an apartment, with an average total monthly rent of £2,100.69. London also had the highest cost for every form of apartment analysed in the study with a one-bedroom in the city centre having an average monthly rent of £1,685.32.

Here are the 10 most expensive UK cities to rent in:

1. London – £2,100.69

2. Brighton – £1,403.22

3. Oxford – £1,374.18

4. Cambridge – £1,326.39

5. Reading – £1,186.66

6. Poole – £1,181.77

7. Bristol – £1,135.63

8. Edinburgh – £1,053.16

9. Milton Keynes – £1,041.17

10. Manchester – £969.76

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