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Akeem from The Apprentice owns a sportswear company worth a grand total of £28

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The Apprentice 2022’s self declared “numbers guy” Akeem Bundu-Kamara owns and runs an online sportswear company that was worth in 2021 a measly £28.

On the show Akeem declared himself as a strategist and said that he thinks carefully about every move, but still wound up in the boardroom barely escaping the dreaded finger point of doom from Lord Sugar followed by a devastating “You’re fired.” He’s joined the show as the director and owner of online sportswear brand Lockr Space. Lockr Space specialises in making sustainable and environmentally friendly sports clothing and footwear, and is linked to Akeem’s company Lockr Sports Ltd.

Akeem and the infamous ‘turd’ logo

In January 2021, The Apprentice candidate Akeem Bundu-Kamara’s company Lockr Sports Ltd had a total assets of £221. The value plummeted though after Akeem signed off and deducted liabilities of £193 – leaving the total assets at a less than eye watering total of £28.

Of the low value, Akeem said in a statement: “I incorporated my company, an online sustainable sportswear retailer, in January 2020 but didn’t launch the website until December 2020. I started the brand as a side-hustle with very little investment, but have been developing and growing the business over the last year. In its first year, the website has gone from strength to strength, the portfolio of brands we stock has increased and I’m excited about its continuing growth.”

Last week, Akeem barely escaped the boardroom. Time will tell if he will make it to the famously ruthless interviews section of the series, where Lord Sugar’s panel will scrutinise the candidates business plan and financial successes of their companies.

The Apprentice continues on BBC One tonight at 9pm. Catch up on last week’s episode on BBC iPlayer here.

Featured image courtesy of the BBC.